Anyone else have this symptom?

Hi all I just wondered if anyone had got a feeling of an insect crawling deep inside their ear, this is a new feeling for me, I have ear pains but not this new sensation. Thanks all xx

I remember other members saying that they’ve had a feeling of water running in their ear, so I guess it’s similar, nerves can be funny things…

I’ve had something like that. I think it was caused by fluid buildup.

Yes, but I would also describe it as fluid moving in my ear. It tends to leak out from time to time. Seems to dissolve and then reappears a few weeks later.

I have deep down inner ear itching (mostly right ear) that makes me crazy! Also have “flutter” sensations in both ears several times per day.

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I just usually have really sharp pain in right ear. Also itching in the ear sometimes. Some days are better than others - but have the ear pain at least once a day or maybe a lot more. Been 9 months since surgery.

Ouch didixon, I sure hope my ear issues go away but I will settle for just about any relief at this point. Are your ear pains the only lingering affect after your surgery?

No-- I have a constant pain in throat from tissue damage. They figure the nerve has not reattached itself. Constantly hurts swallowing anything - drink, food, it hates alot of talking at work , and it def does not like sleep either. Ha! We are working on that nerve tissue, but no success so far.

They say throat pain causes ear pain & they aren’t kidding! Ha!

Hi didixon,
There are prescription medicines available for nerve pain (forgive me if this has already been suggested) which might be helpful in your situation. Among them are gabapentin, neurontin & amitriptyline. Have you looked into something like these to at least take the edge off your pain? If you have tried any of them & had a bad reaction, my experience dictates that starting w/ a very low dose & gradually increasing it can allow the body to get used to a medication & thus avert side effects or help minimize them. I think some doctors start their patients on doses that are too high which then causes those patients to get side effects & think they can’t take the drug.

I’m praying you will find a therapy or medication that helps you overcome your current pain. I imagine it is very frustrating.

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