Cooling Sensation in Ear

Does anyone else have a cooling sensation in their ear? Almost like water is running down your ear but there is nothing there?

Also, does anyone else notice flare-ups in terms of pain and dizziness when you have a head cold or sinus infection? My ears have also been popping and I have this weird cooling sensation so it makes me wonder if I should have my ears checked for fluid, but all the times I had my ears checked in the beginning (2 years ago) when I just thought it was an ear ache/ear infection, there was nothing there.

Never had that sensation- just fullness and earache. Mine were clear when I got them checked out though, and have improved lots since surgery. It’s not really surprising that they’re worse with colds etc. as everything gets clogged up and feels under pressure. Personally, I think any sort of bug etc. can make inflammation in other areas flare up- my ES pain was always worse with any other infection.
Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you for responding, Jules!

@BeachGirl - Before I had surgery my ears popped quite a bit & I did experience the “cooling” sensation you have. It wasn’t often & I forgot about it as both problems have gone away since I’ve had both styloids removed.

I can’t remember if you’ve had surgery, but if you have & are still having these symptoms, it might be worthwhile getting checked out.

Yes, I also have the sensation that fluid is flowing out of my ear.

It’s caused by nerve compression. When my pain management doctor performed injections near the styloid, he hit a nerve which just amplified the sensation that fluid was flowing out of the ear.

That’s interesting- thanks for that Alexandra- another one to add to the list of possible ES symptoms!

I feel like I have water dripping or running in my ears often. Never made the connection it might be Eagle related.

I am new diagnosed and am going through a horrendous head cold. I get all the same feeling you mentioned:(