Anyone form Georgia? Whom did you see for eagles and vascular eagles diagnosis?


I didn’t have any diagnosis for eagles yet. I have pain and symptoms since May 2020. No relief yet. It’s been the same till now. Constant pain in the lower jaw under ear lobe and neck, throat and upper back. Have seen dentists, oral surgeons TMJ specialists physical therapists, Neuro doctor and no relief yet.

I have taken CT scan of neck with contrast and it’s not very evident about eagles. It says I have mild calcification of stylohyoid ligaments on this paining side and shorter styloids. I will paste my report and add the CT images.
I have sent my records to Dr Samji and he dismissed my case as my styloids are shorter. I didn’t see any other eagles specialist ENT yet.

I have seen a vascular neurologist in GA who listed in the group doctor list. He didn’t review my CT though. He referred me back to the ENT Dr Vick( whose name is listed on the group list) and ordered me CTA scan to see if any Vascular components involved. He said I need to check those to rule out vascular issues. I have an appointment with Dr Vick and would like to know if anyone seen him before.

Does CT scan of neck with contrast will show any vascular compression issues? Or we need to take CTA to see those?

Have any of you seen any out of state doctors for eagles and vascular eagles diagnosis ? Whom did you consult ?

My current symptoms are,
-constant pain in the lower jaw under the ear lobe and the neck since day 1 for 1.5 years now.

  • Ear ringing and soreness
  • clicking and grating sound in the jaw while opening the mouth. Jaw deviates to left while closing. TMJ MRI and cbct clear.
  • Constant feel of something stuck in throat and feel like poking through.
  • biting pressure sensitivity on tooth 30. Cbct clear. Had root canal.
  • bite is not even and back molars not touching properly on this right side.(checked my occlusion and dentist said it might be because of muscle tightness)
  • sore pain in the throat
  • sore pain in the tooth 30 and gum area even when not touching and biting. It hurts for brushing and even when I press or push through fingers or tongue.
  • constant burning and soreness in jaw line, jaw under ear lobe, behind the ear, upper neck ,base of head and throat. Only on right.

My CT report:

Right styloid process: Not elongated, measuring about 0.3 cm.
Right stylohyoid ligament: Calcified distal portion, which measures
about 0.8 cm. This is located about 2.1 cm from the tip of the right
styloid process.

Left styloid process/stylohyoid ligament: Borderline top normal size of
the left stylohyoid ligament, which is in continuation with the
elongated left styloid process, measuring about 2.4 cm combined. One
cannot differentiate between what is considered the left styloid process
and a calcified stylohyoid ligament in this case. In regards to Eagles
Syndrome, an elongated styloid process or a calcified stylohyoid
ligament can both result in pain. Eagles Syndrome is ultimately a
clinical diagnosis.

Two BB markers were place in the region of focal pain in the right face
and right neck. There is no focal abnormality underlying these BB

12/28/2020 3:43 PM PXRRR02R

Addendum: The left stylohyoid ligament is calcified and measures 2.4 cm,
which is borderline top normal. This is in continuation of the left
styloid process, which essentially can be considered elongated.

12/24/2020 4:26 PM RAADOCS006

Addendum: The right styloid process is not elongated. The calcified
distal portion of the right stylohyoid ligament measures 0.8 cm and is
located about 2.1 cm from the tip of the right styloid process.

12/24/2020 3:47 PM PXRRR14R

Additional clinical indication: Evaluation for Eagle’s syndrome.

The left stylohyoid ligament is calcified and measures 2.4 cm, which is
borderline top normal. The right stylohyoid ligament is mildly calcified
along the distal aspect on series 4, images 34-35.


TECHNIQUE: CT images of the neck were obtained with intravenous
contrast. Isovue-370 was injected without complications. Dose reduction
techniques were utilized for this examination. DICOM format image data
is available to non-affiliated external healthcare facilities or
entities on a secure, media-free, reciprocally searchable basis with
patient authorization for at least a 12-month period after the study.

CLINICAL INDICATION: Lymphadenopathy, neck;Localized enlarged lymph

COMPARISON: Neck ultrasound August 28, 2020.

Aerodigestive Structures: The nasal cavity, nasopharynx, oral cavity,
oropharynx, hypopharynx, larynx, and included trachea and esophagus
demonstrate no masses or abnormal enhancement.

Lymph Nodes: No pathologically enlarged, necrotic, or otherwise abnormal
lymph nodes.

Vasculature: Normal.

Salivary Glands: Normal parotid and submandibular glands.

Thyroid: Normal.

Visualized Intracranial Structures: Normal.

Included Orbits: Normal.

Paranasal Sinuses/Mastoids: Predominantly clear.

Included Lung Apices: Normal.

Bones/Soft Tissues: No aggressive osseous lesion. No acute soft tissue

Any thoughts anyone. Thanks for reading!!!

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Have replied on your other post…

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Thanks a lot @Jules . I appreciate it.
I just replied to it.

Also forgot to mention one thing, I sent my records to Dr Cognetti and waiting for his review. Not sure if he evaluate for vascular eagles too.

Let us know what you hear from him, although I believe that he doesn’t take styloids back to skull base, so as yours aren’t particularly long it might not make enough of a difference for you, I’m not sure…