Anyone know anything about Dr. Hauser

Looking for info on Dr. Hauser Caring medical Center … Thx

I don’t know if anyone on the forum has seen Dr. Hauser. Here’s a link to his website in case you need it:

Hi Tim,
I traveled from Seattle to Florida specifically to see Dr. Hauser. I spent 2 months there back in March/April seeking prolotherapy treatments for cervical instability. I believe the treatments helped stabilize my neck, but didn’t resolve my symptoms. At the time I didn’t know about ES. During my time there, he never mentioned ES as a possibility. Given his knowledge about ES, I am surprised he didn’t consider it. Aside from that, my experience with Dr. Hauser and the team at Caring Medical was fantastic. The staff is very personable, and they do their best to accommodate their patients, especially since a lot of people travel from around the world to their clinic. If you have any specific questions, let me know. I would be happy to answer them.