Anyone used Dr. Koch at John's Hopkins?

I scheduled to meet with Dr. Koch at John’s Hopkins this week, but do not see anyone talking about him. My ENT referred me.

I’ve done a quick search, & not seen any mention either. He’s not on our list either, not to say he doesn’t treat ES, just that no-one’s mentioned the doctor… It might be an idea to ring ahead & ask his office if he does treat ES? Some members have done that before appts & saved a wasted trip! If this doesn’t work out, there are a couple in your area on the list:
•Dr Elizabeth Guardriani, University of Maryland Medical Centre, Baltimore 1- 866-408- 6885
•Dr Rodney Taylor, University of Maryland Medical Centre, Baltimore 1- 866- 408- 6885
Let us know how you get on!

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Hi Priscilla,

My recollection from the past is that our members who’ve seen doctors at Johns Hopkins & Vanderbilt have been told ES can’t be helped by surgery or that ES isn’t real. The doctors from these top hospitals who should have at least some information about ES have been very ill-informed. As Jules mentioned, I sure would call ahead to confirm that Dr. Koch is acquainted w/ ES & the surgery before taking the time to go see him.

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