Artificial Intelligence/ AI in radiology

Stolen from some FB group:

Hopefully one day we’ll have a suite of AI tools to automatically detect various possible conditions, including Eagle’s Syndrome.


More accurate & comprehensive radiology reports can’t come soon enough for patients. My latest CTV was as useless as always, no scientific facts, just generalised & not very useful sentence or two. Frustrating as usual. D


I am so excited for the future of AI in medicine. In the next 5 to 10 years we will all be getting diagnoses and surgeries very quickly I reckon.

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That would be a wonderful change from the current situation though I could imagine quicker diagnoses but surgery wait times may not dial back that much unless a lot more surgeons are added to the current population.

Yeah ur right but for most of us, its getting the diagnosis that’s the hard part I guess. Once ppl get quicker diagnoses, I imagine there will be more awareness and then hopefully more docs will do this surgery. Win Win. Let’s hope that’s how it will be. We can hope and pray for a future like that