Hello everyone I am new here. I live on the border of Victoria and New South Wales and am considering booking in to see Dr Roy Nicholson ENT from Geelong. Has anyone seen him for their ES and has anyone had long term success from having their styloids removed? Thank you :blush:


Can I ask how was your experience? I too am in Australia but struggling to get a ent to help me. Despite my neurologist finding elongated styloids 3.9cm and no other cause for my glossopharyngeal neuralgia I can’t find an ent who will help. So far been dismissed by 2 here in Qld so I’m considering travelling for another opinion.

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Hi Jojo1,

It is so nice to hear from someone in Australia. I am going to head to see Roy Nicholson in Geelong. I was pretty much dismissed by the other ENT’s here except for his daughter who first diagnosed me. I believe that he is the most knowledgeable and experienced in ES that I have investigate. He has told me that he does around two surgeries a year.


Hi Jojo1
Maybe you could try a zoom appointment or telephone appointment first

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Hi Hally,

Dr. Roy Nicholson sounds very promising. His name has showed up on the Eagle Syndrome Australia Facebook page.

Please keep us updated on what he has to say. It would be interesting to know if he does intraoral or extraoral? How close to skull base he’ll go? From what I can gather, most won’t remove the styloid completely because of how close the nerves are the closer you get to the base of the skull.

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I emailed him directly and he replied back almost straight away about what I would need to bring by way of scans to my appointment. I googled his email address l am not at home at the moment but I will try to find it.

I think that is it

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Hi Hally,

Yes I will definitely be considering doing a zoom consult . I’m currently about to see a pain specialist but if I get nowhere and the ent here in Qld still won’t treat me I will definitely be willing to travel. It is so frustrating being dismissed by ents here despite the neurologist finding and suggesting that I have eagles.
Do you mind if I ask how long your styloids are?
Good luck with your appointment! Hope all goes well❤️

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Hope this can be of some help Jojo1.

I compiled a small list of ENTs with some knowledge of Eagle Syndrome in QLD.

  • Dr Matthew Broadhurst, Spring Hill, QLD (does intra-oral, possibly removes ligaments only.)
  • Dr.Whitfield, Logan Hospital, Meadowbrook, QLD (ENT)
  • Dr Alf Naatri, Melbourne, QLD
  • Dr Ben Dixon, Epsworth and ST Vincents Hospitals, Melbourne, QLD (ENT/Head and Neck Surgeon)
  • Dr Jeremy Druce, Melbourne, Australia- Has done steroid injections successfully, but don’t know if he does surgery

Unfortunately this still doesn’t really guarantee much.

Finding an ENT in Australia at all who is knowledgeable with Eagle Syndrome and who can preform the necessary surgery is like finding a needle in a haystack.

If you do decide to travel, I have heard really good things about Dr Michael Elliott in NSW.

  • Dr Michael Elliot, ENT, Royal Prince Alfred Hospital/ or Concord/ or privately at The Mater)? Victoria, With Dr Micheal Halmagyi (Neurologist) and Dr Jeff Parker (Radiologist).

I have also read that Ben Dixon is good as someone on Facebook had a successful surgery by him so l had been considering him also. The ENT only said that they were over 3cm


Thankyou for all the recommendations. I will see how I go and update you if I have success. Im feeling incredibly deflated and over being told I don’t have eagles lol. I am truly confused as I have glossopharyngeal neuralgia which was diagnosed by a neurologist he found I had elongated styloid processes over 3.9cm but then two ents I saw both dismissed his findings and said it’s not eagles possibly a typical facial pain🤦🏽‍♀️
I have no doubt if I was in the United States I’d been diagnosed n treated but here in aus I’m struggling to find a doc to help. I’ve only seen 2 ents and I’ve read countless stories how others have had to see multiple ents to be diagnosed but I’m just over the whole process. If I wasn’t in so much pain I’d honestly throw the towel in but my pain keeps me pushing n Pursuing someone who will help.


Hi, Jojo1

I know how you feel Jojo. The pain and suffering we go through takes tremendous strength to endure.
We suffer in silence, we’re also expected to work and sleep as normal human beings which just isn’t possible. I hope your family and friends are supportive because every little bit truly does help.

I think your best bet is to book for one of those ENT’s listed above or visit and sign up to the Eagle’s Syndrome Australia Facebook and post a question on locating an ENT in your area that’ll have
knowledge on Eagle’s Syndrome.

Please continue to stay strong and never give up searching and advocating for yourself.

P.S I feel you on not being in America, I’d of visited someone like Dr. Samji in a heartbeat.

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