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I joined in 2015 when I had my first surgery. I’m having my left side done on February 11th. My biggest problem is constant dizziness. There is no ICA impingement but I read where irritation of the sympathetic plexus causes dizziness. I started taking Serc beta histine for the dizziness but I have to get it from Canada since it is not FDA approved in the US. I also have had some scary yawns where I can’t close my jaw or control my tounge for a few minutes. I’m guessing it is all related. So I went to my surgeon and said take it out. He said sure, based on how long and calcified my right side was. He said it was the most impressive he has seen.

I had a pretty easy recovery last time so hoping for the same.

Hi I_am_Groot!

Sorry you’ve had to come back but glad you’re here! Glad you have surgery coming up soon.

Dizziness isn’t always caused by vascular impingement, & as you noted, can be nerve related. Is the Serc beta histine helping you? Having the second surgery should take care of your current symptoms. Since ES can also exacerbate TMJ type symptoms, having your jaw get stuck open when yawning may be a result of that (that’s a symptom of TMJ from which I intermittently suffer though it’s much improved since my styloidectomies). The tongue issues absolutely can be part of ES as well. I guess you know all this since you’ve been here for awhile. Just wanted to give you a reminder.


Hi- sorry to see you back here, if you know what I mean! I can’t remember, was it you who had vestibular rehab before? (Exercises to help with dizziness) If it wasn’t you, someone else recommended it!!
Hope that your second surgery goes as well as the first! Best wishes…

Jules, yes that was me who had vestibular rehab. I’ve done it off and on since my first surgery. It helps while I’m doing it but then I regress again when I stop. The Serc has helped but it has a very short half life and you have to take it three times a day.


(Love your screen name, BTW!). Funny thing…I hadn’t heard of serc beta histine until you mentioned it in your post yesterday. Today I went to see an ENT for some persistent Meniere’s Disease symptoms I’m battling, & she is prescribing that very medication to help ease my symptoms. I’m in CA, & apparently, compounding pharmacies here will compound it even though it’s not FDA approved.

I first went the compounding route but also ordered from Canada. It rakes a few weeks to get from Canada. The compounded capsules made me loopy but the actual factory tablets worked.

Interesting. My doc said the upside of serc is that it truly has no side effects. That’s why the FDA wouldn’t approve it. They couldn’t see that it did anything to help or hinder so why make it available.

Yes. That is my undersranding as well. My ENT wasnt familiar with it until I asked to be on it. He said he would give me antihistamine injections if it worked but they aren’t the same thing. Beta histine is similar but different in that it has no sedative effect. A researcher in one paper I read about it mused about taking a PPI with it to see if it would enhance the effect since serc is an H1 agonist and PPI’s are H2 agonists.

Serc supposedly also dilates the blood vessels in the inner ear and enhances the neurotransmitters between nerve endings.

Interesting. I guess it can help a variety of inner ear related issues then. I learned that Meniere’s is caused by an issue w/ homeostasis of fluid in the inner ear. Diuretics are prescribed to try to help keep homeostasis in balance.

Getting ready for my left side surgery on Monday morning. I have to be at the hospital by 5:30am since my surgery is at 7:30. Luckily the hospital is less than a mile away. I’m really hoping it goes like last time. I was in pain the first twelve hours and then just swollen for the next few days. I took the week off but I’m also a church organist and planning on doing all my weekend masses. Can’t wait to do them without feeling dizzy.

My wife got some ice pops for me for when I get home and Stove top stuffing for my first food. That’s what got me through last time.

I’ll post some pictures when I can.

Surgery on Monday…That is fantastic news! Many of us have found the second surgery quicker to recover from. If you did so well after your first surgery, the second may well also be a quick recovery for you! Here’s praying!!

WOW! A church organist! I always watch the gal who plays the organ at the church I attend & am amazed that she can keep track of where both hands & both feet need to be & what they’re doing at a given time. I have great respect for you having that talent. I imagine it came with many hours of hard work/practicing!

Great that your wife is taking care of your post op menu. If you want something more substantial in a day or two after surgery, have her put a meal in the blender for you (yup, meat/protein, veggies, grains/rice/pasta & all) & blend it w/ some broth or milk to make a dinner smoothie. That’s how I was able to consume Thanksgiving dinner after my first surgery. Looked awful but tasted delicious! :grin:

Please let us know how your surgery goes when you feel up to it.

What a lovely thought to think of you serving at your church feeling better soon!!

Wishing you a successful surgery, & a quick recovery! Hope you’ll be back to playing soon…God Bless :pray:

Well I’m home. My surgery was right on time at 7:30 and I was home by 11:00. In pain when I swallow but it is getting better. The most concerning thing to me was when I woke up my heart was racing at 127 bpm. The nurse asked the doctor and was told they gave me epi to contol bleeding. My swelling is much less than last time and I don’t have any facial paralysis. One of the surgeons told my wife that most of the calcification near my hyoid. No pics yet.

I_am_Groot -

So glad all went well. Exciting that you don’t have to endure lip droop part 2!! Thank you for such an up-to-the-minute post. Keep in mind that things may get worse before they get better i.e. days 3-5 tend to see the most post op swelling & thus possibly more pain those days. Hopefully, though, you’ll only feel better & better w/ each passing day.

Glad you got clarification about the cause of your racing heartbeat. I imagine that was a bit disconcerting!!

Looking forward to hearing how your healing progresses. Praying it will be quick & easier than last time!


Have a nice bowl of stuffing and hum your favorite church hymn :musical_score::grinning:. What am I saying? You can’t hum with a sore throat :crazy_face:. Sing it in your head :+1:!

Its funny you say that because that is what I do to calm down before surgery. That and I always have the curent week’s choir anthem in my head.

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Worship music is always a good place to go mentally to put your mind in that place of “peace that passes understanding”…Glad that helped you prep for surgery!

Glad that the 2nd surgery is done with, hope you heal well & swiftly…