Best imaging for ES

I have had a CT with contrast and my doctor said it didn't look like my styloid was elongated. Is there a better imaging test or view I should request? Also, if I was to point to my tonsil and touch it, exactly where would my styloid be? Is it possible to find it this way?


I can touch my right styloid through the tonsillar fossa. It feels like a big, hard bone with a sharp edge. It lies precisely under the tissue of the throat. My left styloid is 5 mm beside the tissue and can not easily be felt.

Mine are about 3 cm long (CT With contrast but no 3D) but I think they must be much longer. Otherwise they can not be felt in the tonsillar fossa.

Hope my answer can help you a little bit. I do not recommend to touch the styloid in your throat because it hurts a lot. But..if you risk it and feel something hard and bony I think it is your "Eagle bone".

I also can feel mine. Mine is large enough that it looks like my tonsils where removed. My physician asked me if I had my tonsils out. I told her NO that is a elongated ligament that makes it look differently. The tissue sits differently back there now. It takes up the area my tonsil was. It feels like a straight solid bone with sharp tip at end. Some people gag trying to check this. I have been hearing people talk about 3D scan. I am still floored by how many health care providers have know idea about Eagles.