I can feel the styloid!

Y’all I never thought I would be so excited to be able to feel a bone behind my tonsil! I have been able to feel it under my jaw but not in tonsil area. I have yet to be diagnosed…appt is at the end of this month but i havent been able to feel anything through my tonsil (i still have mine). So I thought id try and feel behind it…GUESS WHAT! Its there! And just to make sure since i have more pain if i tilt my head to the left like something stabbing behind my jaw I tilted my head while my finger was there and the bone moved in and out as i tilted and untilted! The reason Im excited is ive been suffering for 9 months with no answers except terrified this could be a cancer or something and everyone else I felt like could feel it but I couldnt. So, even though Im not diagnosed properly yet, I KNOW I have ES! Thanks for putting up with my multiple posts of questions and concerns. Seriously y’all have been the best! Photo just because I keep looking at my 9 month old scan at different angles. :slight_smile:

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Just be careful when you feel the styloid- you could potentially snap it if you push too hard! Do you feel the symptoms worse when you’ve done that? Mine weren’t too bad when the doctor felt them, but boy was it painful later!
Hope you get an official diagnosis soon!

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I didnt press too hard and yes it hurt but didnt make anything worse. My biggest confirmation was movibg my head side to side and feeling the bone poke in and out but not through thr skin. Doesnt feel too sharp but mine doesnt look too sharp either. I dont wven care if it makes it more painful for a bit, im just literally excited that for my own mind I confirmed it!

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It must be a big relief for you with the worries you’ve had about what it could be…it’s not a great diagnosis but could be worse!

Yes Im so excited. I mean id rather have nothing wrong but I feel like ive had a huge weight lifted off of what ifs. I feel emotionally and mental better judt from feeling that stupid bone. I appreciate all the support and questions ive had answered. Next step is my appt and he already mentioned they send Eagles patients to Utah University so im nkt expecting much out of my appt but I feel much better that if I have to drive to Utah it wont be a waste of my time.


I’m too afraid to try to touch mine. I did let the ENT feel them, but I refuse to do it myself. I’m scared I’ll snap it or make it worse. I think you do have ES, sure sounds like it. The left one looks like it takes a weird angle too.

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They are both angled in but left is longer for sure. Im fully convinced i have ES now. I was pretty sure but now that i can feel the bone inside as well as under my jaw im 100% convinced. I didnt push hard just kind of held my finger there and then moved my head side to side while holding it and can feel the bone go in and out.

Please be careful not to break them! I’ve had so much physical therapy where they have pressed and massaged and poked all around my styloid area I wouldn’t be surprised if mine were broken. Maybe that’s why it hurts so bad. And also if mine are broken maybe that’s why it hasn’t been diagnosed? It wouldn’t be one long thing. Attached is an X-ray pic of the front of my face. Is the circle on the right the styloid? Or the circled area on the left? I hope you get answers soon! I’ve suffered for so many years. Keep pushing the drs don’t ever give up. It’s not normal to have pain there has to be a reason so hopefully this is the answer for you.

Its in the right location but I believe the right one looks more like thr back of your jawline. Not the styloid. They are hard to see in xrays. More likely the line next to it above would be styloid but i cant be sure

Hi Chill,

Dr. Sharma in Utah has done ES surgery for several of our members & I think the outcome has been good for them.

I agree your styloids look long & your left one has quite a hook on the end. Glad you got physical confirmation on your own which validates your suspicions! That’s such a good feeling.

Please let us know the outcome of your appointment. I bet your happy that it’s coming up!

It’s hard to tell from X-rays, but the circle on the right of the image (your left) could well be the styloid. Not so sure about the left of the image. We’re not doctors though!

Hey I’m so excited to read this post. I’ve had the exact time frame and only last week I was able to actually feel the styloid behind my left tonsil. It was so difficult mentally not know what is going on. I kept thinking cancer. Keep in touch, I’ll be looking to get through this in the next few months.

I could feel my styloid under my jaw as well. Initially thought it was a clogged salivary gland but it made my neck hurt when I poked it. I can’t recall if I ever tried to feel mine in my throat. My ENT did though. :wink:


I am so curious if my styloid is poking into my tonsil bc my right tonsil (elongated right styloid, calcified ligament and where all my symptoms are) is HUGE.l I’ve been on so many antibiotics for it and it never changes. it’s been like that for a while but I have had pain flares there staring a year ago and is what led me to getting diagnosed