Made it through 1st day of "Back to Work"!

So.....only 8 1/2 days post surgery, I went back to work for 6 hours........Yay !!!

I realize there is still a lot of swelling (internally) that is going to need to subside, but that will happen with time.

Also, at the end of 6 hours, my brain was telling me it was time to hit the road :o)

Ironically though, it was my RIGHT side that was ramping up and getting louder........i.e. not the recently surgically repaired LEFT side.

I have more energy right now than before surgery, but I would say it is small in terms of progress. However, a little progress is better than nothing.

Right now, I think my brain is just trying to refigure all of this shit out and trying to recallibrate itself.

As soon as I left and got home, everything quieted down for me again :o)

Just a little update..........


Yay!! Sooo happy for you!!

Yeah this newfound energy thing is really cool!! (mine has been increasing each week) I'm sure it will increase for you as well :)

Take care,


Take it easy, Cougs. It takes up to 2 months just for the initial surgery to heal and longer for nerves to calm down. Rest as much as you can. Glad you are feeling better, but you don't want to crash and burn.

Your nerves are fussy little things, they want what they want. I am sure you understand. Work if you must, but take it as easy as possible. The recuperation period will be smoother.

i agree emma......4 hours is enough, then the brain starts humming a not so pretty song for me.

i am only 9 days out so i guess i need to temper my expectations here :o)

i have time on my side, as long as i get better!!!

hoping i start seeing some true relief in the next few months


It all sounds good to me….! I can't believe it takes so long for things to calm down…but then again, I don't know any better….never had surgery, so I am just sitting back and happy to hear everyone is going in the right direction. It really is good…no complications, no bad experiences…getting back into normal life stuff...add in some time and who knows what good things lie ahead. :]