Bruise on collar bone, anyone?, anyone?

I will be seeing an ENT on 11/21 for ES.
Of course as the appt nears I feel like my symptoms are getting worse and new ones.
The one I’m most concerned about is a bruise on my neck/ collar bone.
I’m lucky to have found this site and the Dr directory had 2 drs listed in IL. Very grateful for that small gift.
The jaw pain I experienced over the past couple of days has felt as if I had 3 tons of steel weighing upon my entire jaw. At times I felt my heartbeat in my teeth.
Can anyone relate to these above mentioned symptoms?


Hi, so here are few thoughts on jaw & bruising.

I have had sudden bruise type marks appear on my skin from time to time. Location can vary. For me I think it’s caused by the head pressure rising & then it causes a burst type reaction in venous structures. I know I have not knocked myself to cause bruising. Most recent one is on my lower arm.

Jaw- so tmj/ jaw problems are closely related to CCI issues and I think Eagles too in some cases.

When at worst I have had trapped fluid in skull escaping via facial veins/jaw area and it can make jaw feel heavy and face hot/red. You might try gentle circular motions around jaw line/front of ear and temple areas to try and help relax jaw muscles.

Also we have a lot of lymph nodes around our jaw/ear/neck areas so if you can feel lumps as massage they may be affected.

Hope you can find route causes soon. D :slightly_smiling_face: