Burning Mouth after Surgery

Yesterday was my one Week out of Surgery and Noticed that when I eat and when the food hits my tastes buds they just go crazy. Its as if there was a tiny needle on every single taste bud and it was stabbed as soon as it tasted something. all food after that had a dull slightly salty meaty flavor and nothing tasted right. and I know its my taste buds because when I drink water I don't feel any of that burning. Today its not as bad as yesterday so I'm guessing it might be something related to the nerves slowly healing or something. Anyone else get this after surgery?

I did not have that but I have reflux now and can feel the bubbling only in my throat on the same side as my surgery.

That is normal. I did not feel the burning, but everything tasted like metal for, I would say, 3 to 4 weeks. It will go away. :)

I had surgery on 11/25/13. I would get the same sensation with my first bite or drink. I am not really feeling the sensation anymore.

Thanks everyone for the reply! that makes me feel a lot better. Amy about how long did it take to go away if you recall?

The “shooting burning pain” lessened slowly each week. I would say it was 4-6 weeks.

How about your taste buds? did that go back to normal within the same time frame or did you not have that issue?

I had this look back at my previous post . This month has been the best since my surgery nov 22 . One thing I decided to do this month (my surgery nov 22 --I had recheck at dr c on jan 31 . ) I decided to try to relax more , not lift laundry , not lift groceries not push or pull like vacuuming , did not take garbage out and such … Very very hard not to do this Stuff but thought worth a try for my health sake and I had support of my family!!! Not sure if quinky dink ( coincidence) but this is the best month …I only have trouble when stressed or do a little more ot in the morning after lying on that side. I truly feel , as dr c said nerves and muscle and all kinds of stuff went on in there and everybody’s different . Not perfect yet but pretty darn close and strengthen and stuff coming back even getting back on treadmill 2 times a week , even if walking fast lol… And trying not to get stressed… Oh and I go for messages once a week . I have a great massage person that knows this cause her mother had Es . Love how this circle of knowledge is finally getting out there !!! And forever greatful!

I just had surgery 2 weeks ago and I'm having the same exact feeling when I first put food in my mouth, but its been getting better. It goes away after the first bite usually.

I have been real good but think allergies seasonal is flaring up with my swollen tongue feeling and maybe once a week in the last 2weeks that funny taste. My muscles in my neck are stiff down to my shoulder …darn stress going for massage on Monday and going to relax over weekend . This sure does help!