Check out my 3D CT please!

Hi everyone! I posted a CT scan and if context is needed please see my previous post. I am wondering if anyone can assess these photos and see if they are maybe showing signs of the styloid hitting an artery. My left one looks broken and my right is the side that I have Horner’s Syndrome on.

Thank you ahead of time! CT was done with contrast. I was also told I have cervical stenosis.

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@bee -

I’ve annotated a couple of your images. It’s interesting that in spite of your scan being done w/ contrast, your internal jugular vein & carotid arteries don’t show up very well. Your carotids disappear before getting up close to the styloid so it’s hard to know what kind of interaction there is between styloid & internal (&/or external) carotid artery. The carotid bifurcation is right at your hyoid bone so maybe there’s some contact going on there which is causing symptoms? In some of the images the greater horns of your hyoid look pretty close to your spine but I think that’s due to the angle of the image & not the actual situation.

Do you have any images where the vascular tissues are more obvious?

I can try the other option you sent, the website. It only lets me upload one photo though and I am not sure what photo to upload… any suggestions?

The right side styloid is pretty long, it looks like there could be a bit of calcification below the left side you can see in the image that @Isaiah_40_31 has annotated, unless that’s an artefact. Although in the 4th image you’ve posted it looks like you can see the left styloid or maybe a calcified ligament better…I do agree that the hyoid processes do look long in some of the images, obviously we’re not doctors here, just amateur opinions! I can’t see blood vessels well enough to comment, I’m sorry…

Someone mentioned that the images have my name and DOB on them! I totally did not notice. Would you be able to delete them from your reply?

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I’m sooo sorry! I I hope that’s never happened before! I figured out how to change it so you’re anonymous again!

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