Calcificiation beyone ES?

Has anyone here had calcification/ossification of other areas in addition to their ES? Also if you have had surgery to remove the styloid process, did anyone have dental issues as a result?

I had calcification before ES if that’s any help…not really related though. I have cysts in my thyroid which are calcified. Since the thyroid is in the same general area as the hyoid bone & styloids/stylohyoid ligaments, there is a remote possibility that there might be some relationship.

I have had no dental issues as a result of my ES surgeries.

There have been a few members who’ve had bone spurs elsewhere, so they were wondering if there was some kind of metabolic imbalance causing it.
A lot of members have TMJD in addition to the ES, but don’t know if that’s worsened after surgery or not.

I have calcifications in several saliva glands as well.

I finally got my records from the surgery and saw that he only removed about 1.5 cm. Now I need to research if there is a typical amout they remove depending on the type of removal method. Mine was done intraorally.

If you have intra-oral surgery they generally can’t remove as much of the styloid, because it’s harder to get access to the styloid. But unless you know how long your styloid process was originally, you can’t really judge whether that might have been enough. If the SP was growing at an angle too that can cause symptoms regardless of the length.
If after your surgery you had relief from your symptoms, and if they’re returning now it could be that it’s grown again- unfortunately that can happen occasionally. Or it could be that you’re getting calcification of some ligaments. Another CT would show what’s going on- is it possible for you to ask for this from your doctor?

I have an appointment with a doctor tomorrow that took over after the surgeon I originally had left. In reading my patient notes, it appears that my SP was 3.35 cm and he removed 1.1 cm. I am going to ask the new doctor for a new CT or other studies. My pain is getting worse and over the weekend I noticed a new tonsil stone on the opposite side. Interestingly, I have not had any of them since my surgery as I used to get them quite frequently on my right side. When I removed the new stone, I was completely grossed out by the amount of “stuff” that was in it. I have read that these stones are calcifications, so I am going to ask him if it could be related.

Sounds like a good plan. Often after surgery one side, the other side seems to flare up and be more noticeable- is your pain just on one side, or both? It would be interesting to know what your doctor says about the tonsil stones- there have been a few members who’ve had them.
Hope that you get some answers- let us know how you get on!