Can we post pics of our scans on here?

It won’t let me embed media. I need to get opinion on what is causing throat crunching. Is anyone happy to look at my scan pics? Or know of anyone who would…maybe even any doctors that review for free?

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Try replying to this message and click on the upward arrow to upload a picture. Lots of people will likely give their two cents.


If clicking on the “up arrow” (as per @Ladybug) doesn’t work to upload images, @Eaglelady, you can also try dragging the image off your computer desk top & dropping it in the text box where you’re writing your post. I’ve done it both ways.

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Everytime I try, it says

Sorry, you can’t embed media items in a post.

I’ll contact ModSupport to have them look at your account to see why that’s happening.