Uploading imaging

I remember seeing in a post somewhere that people could upload their imaging and there were quite a few skilled people in this forum at reading scans. I have just had my CTV back post C1 resection and was wondering how to upload imaging and if anyone would mind taking a look for me please?

You can upload images using the upload function on the site, comes up when you write any text. Other members have used radiant dicom to upload images on & then post a link, or use 3D slicer:
RadiANT DICOM Viewer tutorial - General - Living with Eagle
Making Your Own 3D Images from CT Scan- 3D Slicer Tutorial - Living with Eagle
Is that any help?
Just make sure you remove any personal details from your images if you upload them straight onto the site.

@PatientX - dicomlibrary.con will anonymize your images & give you a link to share with others once your scan images have your personal info “erased” so there’s another option.

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