Newbie question: How do I upload imaging on a post?

When I upload imaging on my new post and click post new topic, it says it can’t embed images into posts so a bit unsure on how to include it in my post asking for opinions on my imaging?

Many thanks

I have heard that new members have a “trial period” (not sure how long that is but others have had a similar problem in the past) before they can upload info/images, however, I think a way around that is for you to drag & drop your image(s) from your computer desktop into the text box where you’ve written your post.

Welcome, Jimjammer! Isaiah is correct: our platform software, Discourse, is set up so that spammers and trolls can’t post multiple notices, upload pictures or advertising, or Private Message other members until “we” (the system) know they are probably legitimate. New members start at a low “trust level” and by spending time reading, responding to others, liking :heart: others’ posts their trust level (and the number of things the system allows a new member to do) increases…

This is a social and emotional support community. We do not give medical opinions or diagnoses. That said, we are aware that people here like to “show and tell”. The trust level system works perfectly with this. A new member who contributes with social and emotional support will soon have their trust level “upped” to the point where they have earned the ability to upload pictures.

Stay with us, Jim, and get to know your community members. Soon you will be showing and telling too!

Seenie from ModSupport

@oman… regarding uploading your images…