Caregiver/grief links?

I had my surgery and got the pajamas my mom had ordered for me just a few weeks later when she passed unexpectedly.
Now my dad is in a facility recovering from cancer and Covid over 12 hours away from me.
I haven’t had a chance to heal or do any PT - I’m just immersed in grief.
If anyone has any suggestions for a support group for caregivers of the elderly and/or grief I would appreciate it.


I’m so very sorry for how hard this has been for you. I have walked the road you’re currently on & know how heartbreaking it is. I sent you a PM to discuss your need for support further.



So sorry for your losses. All I can recommend is a good therapist, and look to your local community for support groups through Meetup, Nextdoor, church, whatever is in your area. And know you’re not alone.


Have been praying for you, you’ve had such a tough ride…sending you hugs & will keep praying :hugs: :pray:


I am so deeply sorry that you lost your mom and your dad is fighting cancer and had COVID.

Please carry the torch from your parents of taking care of yourself. They want the best for you and you deserve the best self-care you can give yourself. Reaching out here to ask for support group recommendations is so wise and admirable. It seems like you are on your way to recover from your surgery and grief, based on the maturity and strength you show. I hope you find additional great support to help.

Sending you healing wishes–for your heart after this terrible loss and for your whole body as you recover from surgery.