Needing a lift

22 days post op, no improvements, maybe some movement in structures. My jaw can go back further and my legs seems to be evening up even though I’ve had increase in pain there too. My whole nervous system just feels shot. I’m tired. I’m grieving. I feel mom guilt to the max. I’m wondering if I missed nTOS and don’t want to go down another road. I know it can take more time, but if you want to remind me, I’ll take it. I appreciate this forum so much!

So sorry that you’re not feeling great after surgery, but 3 weeks is still early, I want to reassure you again about that :hugs:
One of our members, @BrooklynGirl had a really rough recovery with vagus nerve issues, compounded by a virus, but I believe she did improve with time…hang in there, will be praying for you :pray:


@Jswing - No mom guilt!! Your body has just been through major surgery! Know that you’re doing the best you can under the circumstances. Your children know you love them. Get them to read to you or play games w/ you or whatever things you can do together that is somewhat restful for you. If possible, don’t worry about keeping up w/ housework, dishes, & laundry for the time being. Just do what you can to get by. Ask your children to do little things to help you as part of your recovery. That will be good for them & you. If they have friends locally, maybe you can arrange play dates for them away from home a day or two a week so you can have an hour or two to yourself to rest. Taking care of your body & being able to rest rather than push yourself right now will help with your recovery. I know being a mom of young children is stressful (been there & done that) & stress isn’t helpful in expediting healing. This is definitely a tough time for you!

You’ve got a lot going on in your body even after having had previous major surgeries. It may take you longer to recover because of those things. @Jules is right, 3 weeks is still early for noting significant recovery. We do have members who had immediate surgical results, but I can tell you from my experience it was 4-6 mos post op before many of my symptoms faded significantly, & some took up to a year to go away. If you’re really miserable from nerve type symptoms, you can try taking a nerve pain medication such as gabapentin, amitriptyline, or carbamazepine. It can take several weeks for a nerve pain medication to begin to help plus it will need to be determined over time what the most effective dose w/ the least side effects is for you. Sometimes just getting on top of the pain is enough to help healing progress more quickly. Sending you a hug :hugs: & praying for you today! :pray:


Agree with all @Jules a d @Isaiah_40_31 have said. Give yourself grace to heal as your body needs to. And I recall you have been through a lot already and it is scary and hard to wait. Seems most of us have multiple issues which complicates things as you know. Hang in … I’m a few weeks ahead of you and I continue to see things move forward but the changes seem to be in tiny almost not noticeable increments. Especially with the nerve irritation. Hold on. ))). Thinking of you.