CCI best treatment options?

Anyone here diagnosed with CCI who had any sort of treatment done to the injured ligaments?
At the moment I’m thinking of PRP injections though my doctor is only able to do these on the back of the neck. Since my problematic ligament is the alar ligament, there are only a few specialists in the world who do the injections through throat (to be able to directly inject into alar or transverse ligaments).
I’m just wondering whether it makes sense to try the less invasive method first and if it can give any good results or if it’s not worth it.
Currently I’m also in conversation with Dr. Rolandas Janusas, the only European specialist trained by the Regenexx team who do the PICL procedure. Do any of you have an opinion on this doctor?

Thank you

This doctor does injections through the mouth. I have had extensive PRP at Caring Medical, Florida to stabilize CCI which worsened after a styloidectomy and subsequently requires further PRP.


Thank you for this link, @Laurah. Great information!

Thank you, I already know about Centeno, but it’s not available for me since its US.
From what I read, Rolandas Janusas has been the only EU specialist certified by the Centeno Clinic to perform this type of procedures.