Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections at C7-T1

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Reaching out to the group to see if there are any thoughts on the following.

I completed an MRI last week (12 months after my surgery with Dr. Hackman). The MRI showed C5-C6 had severe narrowing around the nerves on the left, and moderate on the right. They want to recommend trialing Cervical Epidural Steroid Injections at C7-T1.

Has anyone had this done and did it relieve any symptoms in the neck or throat?

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Hi JPB -

I.can’t answer about cervical steroid injections, but I had steroid injections in L-5/S-1 in July which completely erased pain in my back, glutes, legs & feet that I’ve had for years & never even suspected was coming from spinal nerves (should have known better!). The pain was gone completely for about 3 mos then has gradually snuck back. I will likely get another round of cortisone in Jan then decide how to proceed for longer term recovery after that.

I’m telling you my experience expecting you may get the same type of result from injections in your cervical & thoracic spine.

Thank you for the update!

I will share this with my specialist.

Very much appreciated!!

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