Shot of numbing agent to Hyoid

Has anyone got a shot of numbing agent to their Hyoid bone this would be my fourth trigger injections it’s hard finding a oral surgeon to do this but it’s worth a shot damn I’m so funny.

I have not. When you've had it done, has it worked?

I have been getting steroid and lidocaine injections in my neck, into the submandibular space, I believe my interventional radiologist said. It is not right at the hyoid, although my previous ENT did an office injection I think more at the hyoid. They last me 3-4 months. I have been doing them for over a year…they help me a lot for pain in the neck and pain with talking I was having. I also haven’t noticed the numbness of my tongue and pain moving my tonge so much. Best wishes to you!

I had a few rounds of steroid injections in the styloid. I initially had a numbing injection which didn't do much to isolate the pain, I then had a steroid injection which gave me about 10 weeks of pain relief. I've now had 3 of these, annoyingly the last one didn't work. The first two were both ultrasound guided as well as with an x-ray machine, for the the last one they didn't use the x-ray machine which I've of attributed to it not working.

All of my injections were done externally, I initially questioned this but turns out the first two attempts go the right area as it gave me the ability to lay off the regular pain killers I had to take every day, still didn't want to sleep on the affected side but it didn't hurt constantly, although the injections did hurt like hell, fortunately not for long though.