Cervicle issues and or ES

Hello ES family.
I have a question regarding ES and relationship to cervicle stenosis? I met a girl who had neck surgery for stenosis, and her symptoms are closely related to mine. Has anyone experienced cervicle issues as well. Thank you for your I put.

I have a prolapsed disc (C5-C6), but I had the ES symptoms before I had the disc problem. I think it contributed to a worsening of symptoms though. I think several members have had bone spurs in their necks, and we’ve seen a few members recently with Chairi malformation. There have also been quite a few people who have had longer cervical vertebrae processes, which narrows the gap for soft tissues between the C-spine and the styloids.

My scan report mentions arthritis in my neck

Hi seamom, what type of scan did you have? I’ve had an MRI on my neck but I don’t know if it is good for picking up arthritis.

I had a MRI and 2 CTs. I believe it was my CT radiology report that mentioned the arthritis