Cleveland Clinic doctor

Just read about a doctor Brian Burkey at the Cleveland Clinic Head and Neck Institute that actually specializes in Eagles Syndrome. He has quite an impressive background

I went to see him when I was in real distress from Eagles. I felt like I was dying. He didn't think my problems were from Eagles and sent me to about six other kinds of doctors that ran all kinds of tests on me. The other tests all came out normal, but he refused to see me again. I was at the Cleveland clinic for a month getting all these tests and seeing these doctors. Finally when I didn't go away he still wouldn't see me, but referred me to another ENT there who had never done an eagles surgery before. The other doctor finally agreed to do a surgery on me and discovered that my styloid was compressing my carotid artery and jugular vein. Which is why I was so weak and in pain. But they didn't even want to hear about what symptoms were improved. As I understand, they didn't believe there was such a thing as vascular eagles. The Cleveland clinic is a wonderful hospital, but I don't think it's the best or even a good option for eagles patients. I'm grateful for the surgery, but I had to spend thousands of dollars to stay there and pester them to help me.

good to know.....sorry you had to endure so much! I've often heard that many docs don't believe in vascular ES.

Thank you for sharing your experience, heidemt!