Cleveland Clinic?

I am looking to go to Cleveland Clinic for Eagles. Anyone have experience with the docs there?
I was going to UC but my family doc says not to go there, and Cleveland is the place to go.

I went to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio when I was first going through all this turmoil and my experience there was not very good. I didn't feel like they knew very much about Eagles at all. The doctors I saw didn't believe there was such a thing as vascular Eagles - which is what I had on my right side that I was trying to get fixed. The main doctor I saw refused to see me again and he finally referred me to another surgeon that had never done an Eagles surgery before. He finally agreed to do a surgery on me after I pleaded with him. I sure wish i knew about the forum then and had gone to an experienced doctor somewhere else. But I had the surgery done, and it cured my vascular Eagles, but I was in horrible, horrible nerve pain after the surgery that lasted for months and months after the surgery. It was so bad I couldn't go back to work for a long time. But at least my vascular Eagles was fixed - so that was a good thing. But it was by far the most painful of my 4 Eagles surgeries.

I do think there are some people that had positive experiences there - but they had "regular" Eagles and didn't have any really strange symptoms. If that fits your situation, then you might be ok there.