I went to a ENT who said i have re flux gave me omapzol. I don't understand how one day i wake up out of no where get the worst sore throat in the world pain shooting to my left ear get on steriods and antibotics and it goses away next i go to eat and food gets stuck. If i would of knowen it was gonna be my last meal i would of made sure it been good !

I obviously can’t try to diagnose from a standpoint of ignorance but you are certainly not the first Eagle sufferer to be misdiagnosed with reflux.

This is the same way they started with me. When I first started going into the doctor it was the local urgent care. They insisted I had TMJ from grinding my teeth and referred me to an oral surgeon. I didn't follow through with that referral because I couldn't rationalize how TMJ would feel like something is stuck in my throat and how at times I felt strangled. This was the beginning of MANY visits to come. The meds helped some but within a short time the symptoms came back.

Take note to what you take and how long you have taken it - dosage and all. The way insurance is now they have to go through trial and error before further testing or surgery. What kept me in the cycle of being prescribed medicine was that I did get temporary relief, so all everyone did was increase milligrams and how long I took the medicine. I couldn't get further help until the medicine was not giving me relief.

At this point I finally got a referral to an ENT and he diagnosed me with Eagles Syndrome the first visit. I was also diagnosed with acid reflex at the same time.

Even though he knew it was Eagles I still had to get a CT scan and do a swallow study. Then I had to get all sorts of blood tests and see multiple other doctors to rule out all other medical possibilities before surgery was an option. It was time consuming but I stayed on top of it because I was getting worse.. quick.

I had surgery Feb. 9th and felt better that day. My post op was today and he said to give it 1 - 2 more weeks before my throat is better. He was blown away that I didn't require medicine after the third day and that my entire life has changed since the procedure. I have felt so AMAZING that ever since the first week was up I was using the chain saw clearing out brush, cutting down 30 - 40 ft trees, chopping them up and dragging logs and burning what I can't use for the fence and tree house I've been building for the past few weeks. None of this was even a thought before the moment I started.

Anyways, just be patient except the diagnoses and if your not getting better then tell them. Stay on top of it. My doctor told me today that with as much as he wanted to do the surgery right away that insurance would not permit it. He is obligated to go through a specific process (undergoing tests, seeing other doctors, taking medicine) before they can eliminate the issue - even if they know exactly what the issue is to begin with.