Consult w Dr Samji

Hi everyone! I finally have a consult w/ Dr Samji and I’m eager to talk to him. I remember people on the forum saying he won’t really do a consult unless he thinks he can help you/you’re a candidate for surgery? Can anyone tell me how soon after the consult they were scheduled for surgery?

I was also wondering if anyone had positive results from taking Amitriptyline for nerve issues associated with Eagles? Has anyone experienced intense side-effects from this medication? It seems more people take Gabapentin…amitriptyline was just prescribed to me by my ENT. I’m also wondering which ones Dr. Samji tends to prescribe…

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Hopefully others can help with your questions about Dr Samji, as I’m UK.
I take Amitriptyline for nerve pain- it’s worked really well for me! It can be trial & error with the nerve pain meds as to what works; they can take a couple of weeks to work though. I don’t get side effects on the dose I take- 20mg- but when I had a bad spell & increased it to 30mg, I did get palpitations. It does vary for people though. Hope that it helps you!

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I am curious about the average wait for surgery after a consult also. I will be seeing Dr. Flannery at Froedtert in Milwaukee WI.
Best of luck for lots of answers!

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Yay! Again, no advice here cause I’m not a Samji patient but I’m excited for you!!!

I think all of us are just anxious to get surgery- my consult with Dr. Hepworth is in 12 days and I’ve also been wondering how soon after that he’ll be able to get me in for surgery.


thank you!!

There’s anxiety in the waiting for sure!! I also have anxiety because it seems no one can REALLY tell you “yes the surgery will fix your symptoms” - you just have to go for it and hope. :weary: Fingers crossed…good luck with yours!!!


Best of luck to you also. Going through the first surgery helped many symptoms but there are still so many questions and concerns. It is definitely scary going into the second still wondering if the 1st one was truly successful.

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I think that is a lot of what I’m feeling! Like… I can’t know for sure that this is going to change anything, and I also don’t want to be thinking too much about that possibility yet. There are still steps to be taken and things to be done and it’s not time to give up yet. Is your consult soon?

It is on September 4th. My left side surgery was on March 10th.

Yes, once he looks at your scans, he wont do consult unless he feels he can help you. Last time I checked, his surgeries are scheduled out by about 3 weeks.

I just did one side at end of April and getting ready to schedule the other side. Hes great!


I think the wait time between consult & surgery date varies by doctor. As Snapple2020 noted, Dr. Samji books surgery fairly quickly after a consult. I had my surgeries w/ him in 2014/2015. I recall that even back then, my surgery was scheduled about 3 weeks after my consult.

Dr. Cognetti only does ES surgeries 1 day/mo. so it can be a longer wait for surgery after a consult w/ him depending on the consult date relative to his monthly surgical day.

I’m not sure about other doctors.


I’m so glad you finally have a consult date, & it’s coming up soon! Please let us know how it goes. Dr. Samji generally prescribes Gabapentin because it’s kind of the standard, but I know of more & more people taking Amitriptyline. The most important thing is to figure out what works for you.

How did your consult with Dr. Samji go? I’m tempted to send my images to him.