Cost for private surgery in the US for bilateral c1 resection & styloidectomy?

So how much would it be roughly speaking? 50k? 100k? Genuinely curious to know this in case I have no other options. Thinking of top surgeons like Hackman or Cognetti for example.

That is very individual, and can differ 10 times or more between doctors, hospitals, private practices, depending on length of stay, inpatient - outpatient etc. Even the same doctor might charge different patients different amounts.
Best to call them and ask for a rough estimate.
But I’d say, 100k USD sounds like falling into the very upper part of the range for unilateral surgery.


Thanks for your response. I think what could really bring costs up would be the length of hospital stay.

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Not necessarily, some doctors have really high outpatient fees too…

@jimjammer123 - Since there are so few doctors in this country (US) that do C-1 resection, I imagine they can charge a premium for what they do. There are some doctors in the eastern US who I believe do C-1 work (names have been mentioned here, but I don’t recall right now who they are), & Dr. Hepworth (Denver, CO) & Dr. Lawton (Phoenix, AZ) don’t do resection of the TP of C-1 but have other methods of dealing w/ IJV compression caused by C-1. Dr. Lawton seems to be very cautious about which cases he takes on so only one or two of our members who’ve seen him were accepted for treatment.