Cross-state ENT appointment Thursday

3/24 will be my consultation with the ENT in Seattle. I've been tentatively dx'd with ES and this consultation is to "definitively" dx ES. It involves a cross-state trip to meet with a doc at the UW Med School.

I'm assembling a folder of information (reports, scans, etc.) to take with me, determining transit from the airport to UW, researching the doc I'll be seeing, planning what I'm going to wear (?!?), securing a co-worker to cover my work, etc. I hope that this appointment will lead to a definitive dx but (honestly) I'm not optimistic...

Wish me luck and I'll report back after Thursday's appointment.

Good luck Chrissy! I hope you can get a diagnosis and be closer to getting this fixed.

I’m curious who you saw and how the visit went since I’m in the Seattle area and looking for someone to have a second opinion with.

Good luck! I hope this pans out to a knowledgeable medical professional who can get you on the path to recovery!
And I feel your stress about what to wear. Dress like you feel, in filthy sweatpants and a bed rumpled shirt, and you don't get taken seriously. Dress too nice and they don't think you're in That much pain.
I find a combo of both is key. Like.. Filthy sweatpants and a sharp sports coat with nice hair and only half of your face made up.