Met with a surgeon in Iowa

Met with the first of 2 surgeons I'm 'interviewing'. He's in Dubuque Iowa at DBQ ENT. He was really young, looked like Doogie Hauser MD. lol He was really knowledgeable about ES tho. He's never done the surgery but did assist with it in Residency. He is confident he could remove mine and not have to remove the tonsils. He said he doesnt think the headaches are from ES and he doesn't know how much of the surgery will help with pain, due to nerve damage. :( Kinda made me sad to think Id go through with this only to not have I work but I have to remember they dont know too much about ES. My gosh for 8 yrs Ive been fighting for a DX only to be told it was anxiety and acid reflux. lol SO glad to be on the road to getting these out! I meet the 2nd surgeon on April 17th in Black River Falls WI. Fingers crossed. x

I'm really pleased for you Lisa; at least you have something to hope for now and have taken the first steps towards an operation. I'll be praying for you to make the right decisions and for everything to go smoothly...keep us informed!

God Bless.