Day 3 post- op Bilateral w Dr Hackman

Hi, all! Got home last night, and slept so much better on my new wedge pillow (and my cervical pillow) than I did propped up on random pillows at the VRBO. So nice to be home!

As everyone else has said so often, Dr. Hackman and his team are so wonderful! The night staff was a little light, as some have mentioned, but really not bad. My husband was with me, but I would have been ok by myself. Just don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it…more than once if necessary.

I have been feeling pretty dang good, considering. I’ve only taken 2 oxy since leaving the hospital, ibuprofen yesterday while traveling, and one Tylenol today. I did start the prednisone med pack today. Dr Hackman said that he doesn’t send everyone home with it, unless he sees the need, and said that my left styloid was causing a significant amount of inflammation. I did notice that the tremors increased after surgery which I’m taking as a good sign that they are related to everything going on in there. He did say that, especially with vascular issues, the resolution of symptoms will take time. Said he sees overall, only 25% of symptoms resolve immediately after styloidectomy.

Everything under my chin to the sides of my neck is completely numb (such a weird feeling!), the area in front of my ears are swollen and tender, ears are still stuffy (tinnitus is still there), and feeling pretty tired. Sore throat still (from tube), and hurts to yawn. Very grateful that I haven’t experienced any paralysis or serious nerve issues.

For those traveling, I would HIGHLY recommend wheelchair assistance through the airports. I requested it soon after I booked our flights (Delta). I certainly felt like I could have hoofed it through the airports (although Minneapolis would have been quite a trek!), but in hindsight, I realize how much worse I most likely would have felt! And they are so kind… didn’t have to stand in line for tsa either. When we got to the gate, I went to a chair, but the people at the gate knew, and asked me if I wanted to board first. Actually, when I told them I just had surgery, they told me to board first! I really think I would be feeling much worse today if I had muscled through and hoofed it on our day of traveling yesterday.

Taking it very easy today… lots of liquids, soft foods, bone broth…. And hoping to sleep well after steroids!

Apparently they used the white Steristrips, which’s they said will “fall off gradually by itself.” Anyone have experience with these? And some scabbing from the drain tube?

So grateful for this forum and everyone here! :sparkling_heart:


Pleased that you’re home and in not too much pain, and that you managed the journey okay- good advice there!
Dr Hackman used to give patients a ‘neck bra’ one of our members called it; a supportive bandage to go under the chin to ease swelling, doesn’t sound as if he still does that? But hopefully the steroids and icing will help…
Take care of yourself and praying that you carry on feeling not too bad (although swelling will peak soon so you may feel worse for a bit) :hugs: :pray: :bouquet:

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What I can see of your incisions looks good! I’m glad you’re home safe & sound & agree with @Jules sentiments about the steroids keeping pain at bay. It’s really great that you haven’t needed much Rx pain medication so far. Don’t be afraid to use it according to the Rx schedule if pain flares up.

Thank you, too, for endorsing ordering a wheelchair at all airport stops on the way home. It makes a huge difference in both reducing your stress & pain & expediting your trip to the gate & onto the plane.

I look forward to hearing about your healing as it progresses.

:pray: :hugs:

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Thanks for the update and glad to know that you are doing well. I’m guessing he told you not to get the area wet for a few days? The steristrips are helping protect the incision and will start to peel off at the edges and get loose over the next week or so. Once they are detaching from your skin on their own you can take them off.


Had to keep it dry for only 48 to 72 hours. Felt good to shower, but I won’t wash my hair for a couple more days (I usually only wash it once or twice a week, so that’s fine!). I wasn’t sure about the white strips, though… everyone I’ve seen here had more clear looking steris.

I read a little bit of your story, @Chrickychricky, and we share a few things in common. I’m not a psychologist, but I work as a therapist, have seen Dr Hauser (prolo and dry needling helped slightly), and have C-1 involvement. I am hoping and praying that this surgery is all I need, but I’m not going to give up. In the meantime, I’m trying to practice what I preach… self-compassion, mindfulness, and patience with the process! I do hope you get relief from everything you’re dealing with. I am more and more grateful for everyone in this forum. It helps to feel less alone. :sparkling_heart:


Sending you healing thoughts! I did benefit from the prolo too, just not the Eagle’s symptoms. Although I did go longer periods without headaches with prolo. I think My neck curve and head posture are much better. It also helped me with pain I was having in my sacrum. For sure, mindfulness and learning to allow the mind to rest in good things that are also happening in the moments of our distress. I’m finding acceptance, which does not mean acquiescence or complacency, has been very useful. Taking the present moment as it presents itself instead of fighting what is saves a lot of emotional turmoil. Keep us posted on your progress!