Surgery today w Dr. Hackman

Hello friends,

I had my left styloidectomy today with Dr. Hackman in North Carolina. The day went swimmingly. I slept well last night and had a mid morning call for arrival.

Surgery was uneventful, and have no affect to the facial nerve. Keeping pain under control. Of course won’t expect any significant relief due to swelling… And will update as time goes on. Will attach the note we sent to family and friends after my hubby met with Dr. Hackman.

As an aside, the southern hospitality is off the charts ))).

Would not be here if not for this group. My gratitude is immense. Thank you all !


Wishing you a quick recovery and resolution of symptoms. Get well soon.


So glad to know you did so well! Thank you for your post. I’m seeing Dr Hackman in March and feeling better choosing him! Thank you and good luck healing up!


So glad to hear this Leah! I knew all would go well! Dr Hackman is amazing! Just love him! Prayers for a speedy recovery! It’s all up hill from here :heart:


So glad surgery went well. Hope u feel better soon!


Praise God! Hope your recovery goes well and you heal quickly! Praying you get to feel better more and more with each passing day!:pray::blush:

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Thank you! One week out and feel so much better today. Had a long travel day Friday that impacted both Saturday and Sunday … but feel back on track today.

Pain is back to manageable today, can chew a little bit, (can’t yawn), have to limit talking, but all things considered, I’ve have done better than I expected. People ask me if I can tell yet and my response is the place where I had pain is where I currently have (surgery) pain, so after that settles, I’ll see what my new normal is. So will report back as the week go along.


Sending positive thoughts Leah! Welcome to the other side :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I’m excited to hear about your recovery and always here to help!


@Ddmarie How are you doing??

@KoolDude How are you doing too??

Hi @Danielle1, I am doing ok. I went through a C1 resection operation on Oct 18 and I am recovering ok. I have not felt huge symptom reduction yet but hoping for some improvement.


Hi @KoolDude, I’m glad you’re recovering ok. I would think that recovery would take some time. I’m hoping and sending positive thoughts you get improvement.


I pray each day you feel improvement! :pray:


I’m going to send my records and imaging to him as well…I need to get my life back. It’s been a struggle…I’m going to pray for all us who suffer so much with this life altering condition​:pray::disappointed_relieved::heart:

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Regarding your possible C1 involvement … believe the report said slight ‘compression’ or dent (?) in IJV from C1? If so, several members have had bilateral surgery with Dr. Hackman and they had IJV compression. Sometimes that is all that is needed. Don’t recall if you have posted any pictures of your scan, but if not, we can have a look and see what things look like to us.

This is a very debilitating condition. I got through it by learning as much as I could while keeping in mind that there are so many worse conditions without probability of good outcomes. Ours does have good probability. I am so sorry for the suffering you are going through.

I’ll look back through your symptoms and see if I have any hints/tips that could benefit you.

I know I’m late but this makes me so happy to read! How are you feeling now, about two weeks out? I hope it’s very well comparatively!

Hey there,

It is going well and I just posted an update. I have some thoughts for you regarding your surgery based on your post earlier today. I will be getting back to you on those shortly.

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Thank you for posting your experience Leah. I’m to meet with Dr. Hackman for the first time Jan 22nd. One question…Can you recommend the hotel you stayed in (assuming you did stay in one?")? And from your post, did you remain in NC for 1 week for recovery at said hotel?

Yes, will do… let me find that info and will report back. We did stay for a 5 days and would have liked to have stayed longer, but the Airbnb was not available. Pondered whether to move to another, but decided to drive home. Travelling on day 5 after surgery was hard. I might would recommend if given prednisone after surgery to maybe start it later to cover your travel day if that is possible.

@HappyBear we stayed at the Sienna Hotel for our consult and then this wonderful Airbnb for surgery. Nothing special about the hotel other than proximity but the Airbnb was perfect for recovering. It is on a large piece of property with two lakes so I walked a lot and it was quite helpful. It’s about 10 minutes south of the hospital and there’s a grocery store about 1 mile away. Hope you have a good meeting. Feel free to ask me any additional questions. ))