Day 3 post-op

I thought I would be fine after the surgery at home by myself. My daughter, who took me to Abbott in Mpls., said I was coming home w/her. Don't think I could have done this alone.

Still don't have the details (exactly) what he/Dr. Garvis did, but I 'talked' with one of his coordinators and she will get back to me. Had the left resection of the styloid process with tonsillectomy. Don't know if I can or want to go through this again on the right side.

That liquid pain killer (oxi-something) is enough to make one throw up, and I did do that a couple of times, even though there was nothing in the stomach. Haven't really eaten since Sunday at 6pm, and that was just a sandwich. Now, this morning, I did manage to 'suck' down two pieces of toast w/some lukewarm coffee.

I've heard on here of the choking, and it is an awful feeling.

Took another pain pill so think I will (again) go back and rest.

I am so glad I found this group; it let me know in advance kind of what to expect.


Hope you are feeling better soon. I’m three weeks post surgery and feeling much better.

Hi There,

Be strong & courageous! You are in the thick of the worst part of recovery. You got the "double whammy" by having both your tonsil & the styloid removed so you're essentially recovering from 2 major surgeries at once. Keep on schedule w/ your pain meds. Take pills if you can swallow them as I imagine the liquid pain meds would be gaggingly awful, to say the least. ICE, ICE, ICE your neck/throat - 20 min. on & 40 min. off if you can. Try putting your food through a blender. If your daughter could make some chicken vegetable soup or some other kind you like & run it through the blender, you would be able to have a more complete meal which you can drink & which will give you better energy & will help promote your healing. Fruit smoothies are good as well. Put in yogurt, protein powder, milk or milk replacement (almond milk, rice milk, cahsew milk, soy milk) & fruit you like along w/ a little honey. Also, pain meds are very constipating. Try taking a couple of magnesium citrate capsules daily or buy a bottle of CALM which is Mag Cit. in powedered form for drinking. Another option is over the counter stool softeners which help keep things soft & moving through. I HIGHLY recommend this!!

In a week you'll be feeling so much better, your current situation will just be a forgetable memory in the past!

Sending prayers up for quick healing for you!

Gentle Hug,

Isaiah 40:31

Thank you. It's strange how some say about the 2 weeks later return to work thing. I mention it to the Doc and he just says 2 weeks, though he'd be willing to look at it. My job is hard, lots of pushing, pulling, and lifting - can be up to 50 lbs.

Am glad you are doing better. Each day is a little less worse than the day before. Did you go back to work at 2 weeks?

God Bless, and thank you.

I know.. about it being a double whammy. I imagine things might be a little less painful w/just the styloid.

I am now savoring the simple taste of some Kemp's Vanilla Bean frozen yougurt, and it sure is good.

Thanks for these helpful hints and the reminder of the ice.

Glad you are eating something you enjoy. Drink lots of water if you can. Staying hydrated also helps with recovery. I don't like straight water so I drank mine warm w/ herb tea bags to flavor it. I'm sure you'll find what works best for you.


Winterinmn said:

God Bless, and thank you.

I know.. about it being a double whammy. I imagine things might be a little less painful w/just the styloid.

I am now savoring the simple taste of some Kemp's Vanilla Bean frozen yougurt, and it sure is good.

Thanks for these helpful hints and the reminder of the ice.

Feeling for you Winterinmn! I'm now one week post-op, and each day I'm noticing small improvements- BUT I didn't have tonsils out as well! No way would I want to be going back to a physically demanding job in another week. I did a little light sweeping today and it made my neck tighten up and ache, and I can't pull the rack out the dishwasher without pain yet, so that job's been given to the others! I wouldn't want to be driving either as I can't turn my head far either way. Plus eating's uncomfortable, and for you with your tonsils out it'll be even longer before you can eat normally, and if you can't eat well then you can't return to a demanding job. So you will need longer, I'm sure. I've had lots of yoghurts and smoothies.

My Mum was talking today about when she had to have her tonsils out as an adult, and she said it was agony. They wouldn't let her go home until she'd eaten, and they forced her to eat toast! (It was 40 years ago, and she can still remember it well!)

I hope that things improve soon for you, and get as much rest as you can, and as much frozen yoghurt as you can! God Bless,


I have my surgery tomorrow morning, my second. Both done externally and believe me I would rather have external than intraorally. Told my surgeon yesterday about this forum and he asked what is the most common question. I told him finding surgeons who know what Eagles Syndrome is and one who knows how to perform the surgery. I also told him it gives us some comfort to know that there are others out there going through what you are going through. It's great to get words of encouragement from those you are connected to by a rare syndrome.

Winterinmn I hope you heal quickly and that the worst is over for you. Will check back in a few days to see how things are going.

Blessings to you!

Thank you again, all. I actually made some hot broth, ate another slice of toast, and ate a small pudding cup. I can feel the stitches in there - yuk.

I see the Doc on Tues. for my follow up appt. and will find out exactly what he did. Only had to take one long nap today, where Mon. and Tues. I slept a whole lot.. pain pills.


Praying for healing!

Praying that each day and hour get a little easier and less painful for you. Thanks for keeping us posted, and best wishes! Listen to your body, rest and sleep it off…

Today is day 5, post-op. Yesterday (day 4), I actually was out and about doing some errands. Very slowly, carefully.

Late yesterday afternoon I actually ate: mashed avocado mixed w/salmon and cheese on bread and fried it. And no pain meds all day except when I went to bed. Big improvement.

There has been much pain in the ear and the nurse said that was because of the tonsillectomy. See the Doc on Tues. morning and we'll go from there.

Thanks everyone for all the kind words and encouragement.