A week after tonsillectomy/styloidectomy and sinus surgery

A week into this I guess I thought I wouldn’t still be in so much pain, but I am. Still have the burning pain in the back left side of my throat, even more so when swallowing, my ear hurting I think is what bothers me the most, like an earache. My jaw kinda hurts, still a tad bit pressure in my left temple area. The nausea isn’t so bad but still comes and goes a little here and there. Have my post-op follow up tomorrow so hope all goes well and I can get some more pain pills as I’m getting low and maybe something for nausea.
My boyfriends mom stopped the other day and I had let her know he was a lousy nurse/boyfriend while he was here taking care of me. We had a nice talk that let me get to know his background a little better from her perspective. She gave me a few much needed hugs while she was here.

Last night he came with a dozen each of red roses and pink geraldines and a card saying he’d been a big giant idiot, that he didn’t show me nearly enough love, he wanted to but just hadn’t known how. He gave a couple nice long hugs, took the dogs out for me, fed the cats and asked if I needed a new ice pack while he was here. I slept past thru one of my alarms to get up and take a pain pill so it musta helped make me feel a little better :slight_smile:

Also I don’t think I’d mentioned that I have been able to eat some soft foods, tho it still hurts to just swallow water and jello so I kinda alternate between soft and liquids so that I’m not feeling so hungry all the time.

Thanks for the update. Are you able to eat anything other than jello-meaning- something soft? Does your throat feel raw? I am glad that you had a bit of cheer to brighten your day!!! Please find out what method your Doctor used to remove your tonsil if you can think of it. Thinking of you!!! Hoping everyday is better!!!

After about 4 days I was hungry and tired of jellos and puddings. I’d started with chicken noodle soup with crackers. I’ve also had ice cream, homemade milk shakes, mashed California blend, tho that kinda irritated my throat cause not all of it was finely mashed enough, cottage cheese, yogurt. Today I tried mashed up pork and beans with finely cut up hot dogs. When I have that stuff it’s not a lot at a time, just enough to take my pain pill and not be hungry cause swallowing too much makes my throat and ear hurt. My throat itself doesn’t hurt too much, just is kinda irritated like it was before surgery like it has been all summer. Most of my pain is where the tonsil was and the earache type pain on my left side.

So glad to hear about the positive effort on the part of your boyfriend. I knew he'd come through for you!! Also good work figuring out what you can eat & not be starving. Adding a little fat into your diet makes all the difference so the ice cream, milk shakes, soup & meat should keep you from getting hungry so fast & be more satisfying than jello & pudding. I put some of my meals in my blender & blend them up using almond milk as my liquid, so I can swallow w/o too much chewing as my tongue still isn't working right & my jaw is stiff. Sounds like you're making good progress!

Isaiah 40:31

Stay positive. My son also had a hard time opening his jaw for a while. he ate a lot of muffins that he pulled apart into pieces..soft muffins like corn and blueberry. he ate a ton of chicken noodle soup and saltines. The saltines would slip into his mouth and dissolve. Also, this might sound weird, but potato chips. He could slip them into his mouth opening because they were flat and he just loved the salty crunch. I have read of others eating mashed potatoes, etc. My son somehow got bites of pizza into his mouth by the 5 day mark...maybe because he is a kid, or maybe because he willed himself to be able to, but he did it. Hang in there...you will get better.