Day 4

Day 4 intraoral bilateral.
Slept well but still woke with the annoying sinus head ache. Mouth feels pretty good and only took some Motrin but mostly for the headache. Just don’t feel well overall. My ears ache just on and off, but honestly I can’t tell if that’s from the cuts in my mouth! Stitches starting to drive me batty. I really think the surgery drugs bring you down. Overall I have survived this surgery just fine, but will wait to say whether or not it was a success

I think the healing with intraoral is longer, you have that extra internal surgery to content with. I had earache on and off, and still do.... I wonder if that's a nerve been moved or stretched. I had a lot of earache before, this is different, not any worse than before- makes life interesting I suppose!! Did you read the article Winterinmn posted about adults have tonsillectomies, and their healing time? I think that you said you had your tonsils out already, but the incision is still in the same place, I presume?

Sending you a hug!