Day 7 post op - Dr Hackman

My jaw still hurts a lot on the right. Black eye is getting better but still can’t close my other eye and it tears constantly. Partial facial mouth paralysis still makes it hard to talk a lot. Tinnitus is still louder than usual. Feeling some pain along where the Styloids used to be. I still have the pulsatile tinnitus and rapid heart beat. I’m wondering if any other symptoms are from Eagles and if they may just take time to go away. I was pain free immediately after surgery so of course I wonder if the other symptoms are going to go away. It’s literally amazing that I have no neck pain. A little occipital burning but no pain if that makes sense. I’ve started feeling some of the tinges of my nerves waking up too. I stopped off to get some dinner and a glass of wine. Finished the steroids and I don’t need the Oxy anymore :slight_smile:. I keep telling people I had surgery and no one punched me lol. My eyes look and feel so weird. For anyone who’s high pitch tinnitus went away, can you tell me how how long it took?

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The scar on the side you can see looks like it’s healing well! Hopefully your ear & mouth paralysis will keep improving…the pulsatile tinnitus could still be there because of swelling so hopefully that will go soon too. I think a few members have had heart rate issues post surgery (& before) from vagus nerve irritation. Good that you’re off the oxy! I hope you can get some rest & make sure you don’t overdo things! Hugs and prayers :hugs: :pray:


That black eye is a bit unusual. Some people get small bruises on their faces from the nerve monitoring. I assume that’s what that’s from. As far as your eye goes, there are OTC eye gels that are made for problems such as eyes that don’t close all the way. Several of our members who’ve had the same problem as you have found using an eye gel really helpful to keep the problematic eye more comfy. I recall at least one of our members, it took a couple of months before her eye closed completely, voluntarily. Hopefully yours will get back on track sooner.

@cjeagle & @tp12 I recall both had the eye not closing issue. Perhaps one of them can tell you which eye ointment they used. It might be mentioned in one of their posts.

The fact your symptoms were basically gone the day you had surgery is because of all the meds they give during surgery which definitely mask the pain. I refer to that as the post op honeymoon period. Once they begin wearing off, reality strikes. It may take some months for the symptoms you have now to go away, & during that time, they are likely to come & go as the nerves heal. This is a BIG surgery & can require quite some time for complete healing. I had symptoms that weren’t gone until close to a year after surgery. Fortunately, by about 6-8 weeks post op, the swelling will be significantly less ,& you’ll be feeling much better. The symptoms that are slower to resolve will do so gradually. Our bodies are designed to thrive & survive & a big part of the success in that is its ability to heal. :hugs:


I had the black eye too (but smaller than yours) and paralysis of the face, Dr Hackman had me using theratears during the day and refresh eye ointment. I ended up getting genteal eye gel at the suggestion of my eye Dr and it worked better for me than the refresh.
it was all a very very slow process. I had small improvements immediately, but I had to use the drops continuously because my eyes just weren’t right for about four months. the muscles in my face have absolutely changed because I spent so much time trying to make it better and “exercising them.” in retrospect, maybe shouldn’t have :woman_shrugging:t2:
I still have mild fullness/numbness and a bit of ringing in my ear but I would say that improved slowli consistently for a full year!
I know it feels overwhelming to have your basic senses off, but I am here to say that for me it slowly fixed itself and just took a whole lot of patience

edited to add that the tears lasted about a week for me


@tp12 - Thank you so much for this very helpful info. I’m so glad to know you’re doing a lot better now!! :partying_face::hugs:


I don’t know if you can get Xailin eye drops in the US, I use those for dry eyes & they’re helpful…
Take care of yourself :hugs:


@tp12 thanks for letting me know you had the black eye too. It’s slowly getting better. Starting to turn yellow in some places my entire face has bruises in certain spots which have started to turn yellow. I’m starting to feel the soreness and tenderness in my face. My right eye is making very small improvements. It’s so annoying. I look like a buggeyed battered woman lol. Talking takes effort due to the temporary paralysis and my bottom lip folds in when I try to smile. I’m trying to laugh about it. I know it’s a slow process.

I must’ve had serious vagus nerve involvement as I’m having continuous vagal responses. Most likely the swelling could be overstimulating the nerve, and the nerve still needs to heal. I think that’s what’s been causing my tinnitus (my theory).

The great news - before surgery my intra ocular eye pressure was 26 and 27, then spiked 2 weeks later to 26 and 32. AFTER surgery it’s now 12 and 13. There’s a tiny bit of damage to my optic nerve from a year of spiking but it won’t progress. I had IJV compression which caused the intra ocular pressure. I’m having it tested again in 2 weeks. My eye doctor is fascinated by Eagle Syndrome. He asked me about his daughter who has so many various symptoms that no doctor can figure out. He’s going to text me his daughters panoramic X-ray (or have a dentist look for an elongated Styloid). @Isaiah_40_31 he’s interested in this forum in case you see a request to join from NJ :slight_smile:.

My neck still feels great and I am SO thankful I canceled my surgery for the 3 level fusion to have the Eagles surgery first.

A big thank you to this forum as always. I’ll keep saying that over and over :heart:. I wouldn’t be here and on the other side without all of you.



So great to hear about the level of your recovery thus far. What a difference it has made in spite of the remaining symptoms! Amazing change in your eye pressure. That’s a big WOW!!

I’m glad your eye doctor is interested in our forum in light of his daughter’s situation. I hope the information here is very helpful for him & her. :sparkling_heart:


Wishing you a speedy recovery. I had face paralysis after my surgery and my eyes tear often. I noticed that ODC Pataday did help, but perhaps it is because of an allergic reaction.