Dental X-rays

Hi there! I am a new member here and have a few questions. Has anyone seen a dental pano x-ray without any sign of Eagles but later to find out they had it? I have my pano dental x-rays and it doesn’t look like Eagles at all…but I have a LOT of the symptoms. I know I need a CT scan, and I am working on that, but not sure if I should see something on my x-ray. I am attaching below. Thank you in advance!!

Hi Nikkui!
We’re not doctors or experts on here, just people who’ve had ES ourselves & read up a bit, so can’t give you a medical opinion I’m afraid!
But on your x-ray, you can see the styloid processes (look like needles!) each side of the jaw bone- the right side (left side on the image) looks straight, the left quite angled. I’ve attached an image & a research article to help you see what you’re looking for if you need it.;year=2012;volume=3;issue=4;spage=275;epage=278;aulast=Kaushik

Like you say, a CT will be the best bet to show the styloids & help with a diagnosis. Perhaps if you print out the image from above, & the research article, they might help you argue your case to get a CT if your doctor isn’t very helpful?
Good luck!


Thank you SOOO much for your reply. I appreciate you taking the time to offer help. It’s funny that you say the left side looks angled, because I didn’t say this in my post above, but the left side seems to cause me the most problems. I guess the next step is to press for a CT with contrast. I hate to say that I hope I have this, but I am looking for any answer to why I feel the way I do. I am going to print off the article now and hopefully my doctor will put in for it.

Thank you again!!!

You’re welcome! Hope it helps, & let us know how you get on!

Nikki, actually my dentist recognized eagles syndrome on my left side with the dental xray after I have been diagnosed with eagles on a CT scan after having a ton lot of symptoms.

Sorry to hear you have felt unwell. I had one side removed as was hurting and my surgeon said it’s not always the length it’s also the angle it grows.

Hi Caffers! Thanks for the reply. Are you feeling better now since having it removed? Who was your surgeon?

Hi sorry not back sooner. Yes I feel so much better after having it removed. I have them both sides but the shorter of the two really played me up. I got the surgeon from this site. He is called mr Axon and he works up in Cambridge. Very good surgeon and very knowledgable about the effects of styloid issues. I really hope you can sort something out as it is horrible to feel so poorly. This site was an amazing find for me .It makes you realise you are not going crazy and your not alone.

Hi Caffers, Where in the U.K. Do you live?

Hi Caffers, wonderful to hear that surgery helped you! I’m still in the pre surgery phase and struggle everyday. Would you mind sharing what your symptoms were pre surgery and how long did it take you to feel better after surgery? Trying to decide between internal or external surgery, not easy. Thank you!! :slightly_smiling_face: