Do I have eagles syndrome?

Hi everyone and thanks for allowing me to join this group. Currently I am waiting for my appointment to see ENT. I have always had pain in my right jaw for as long as I can remember, but never really bothered me much, until I noticed that my right side tonsil had begun to poke out more than the left. After feeling about I could feel really hard Boney lumps behind my tonsil that were excruciating to touch. I always assumed I had TMJ, but when touching these lumps I recreated the pain caused in my jaw. Basically the whole right side of my head feels fuzzy including right nostril and right hand side of throat, even into my ear and I can never clean my throat properly… Also my whole right side from ear round to top of back has fluctuating pain that feels achy and. I know it’s a lot to take in lol, but any advice or info is truly appreciated.

Sounds likely to me. I hope you can find a good doctor to help you right away. Emma has a list of good doctors here on the forums.