Do I have ES?

I was just diagnosed with Glossopharyngeal Neuralgia about two months ago and before diagnosis I told my neurologist about a “lump” feeling in my throat. It feels like a pill is stuck in there. It all came along with the GPN pains and has not gone away since. My neurologist sent me to an ENT who looked at me for a few seconds and just said “acid reflux” which I’ve never had any signs before, I I really think he is wrong plus the omeperazole is not relieving any of it. I did some research On my own and found I have a lot of symptoms of ES. I currently do not have any neck pain, but have had lots in the past. Right now it’s just bilateral GPN and that aweful lump feeling in my throat. It’s not as bad when I wake up but gets worse as the day goes on and I’m almost gagging by the end if the day. I am going back to the neurologist on Wednesday to talk about my GPN since the meds are not working and I’m going to discuss the ES with him although I’m sure he doesn’t deal with ES. Also when I roll my head to the left all the way around, my neck always pops in the same position. Do these sound like ES symptoms? And what should I ask my doc to do to find out?

It sure sounds like you could have Eagles. My first symptom of Eagles was GN as well. I had a couple ENTs tell me it was reflux too. The two neurologists I saw were worthless as far as Eagles goes. In my opinion, you need to find an ENT who is willing to talk about Eagles and will order a CT scan with contrast or a 3D CT scan and have them look for the styloids.

I got the acid reflux diagnosis to think a lot of us had.