Doctor in North Carolina

Hello, I am new here and was just diagnosed with ES after 17 years of pain. Has anyone had surgery done in North Carolina and if so any info on doctors available in the state?

Hi Atw0222!

Welcome to our fantastic forum!! You’ve come to the right place & asked the right question! Dr. Hackman in Charlotte has done ES surgery for a number of our members, & there are several who are slated to have surgery w/ him in Sept. If you click on the magnifying glass icon (above right) & type his name in the search box & hit return, posts by members who mention him will come up.

Here is his contact info: Dr. Trevor Hackman, UNC Ear, Nose and Throat Oncology Clinic – in the N.C. Cancer Hospital, 101 Manning Drive, Chapel Hill, NC 27514, (984) 974-6484

Thank you. I have booked an appointment with him but I cannot get in until late October. I also have an appointment next week with Dr. James D. Browne at Wake Forest in Winston-Salem as I was referred to him. Has anyone seen Dr. Browne for ES?