Doctors in NYC and autoimmune

Hi everyone,

My ENT diagnosed me with eagles but won't do anything about it, and no other doctor I have been to knows what it is. I have some sort of undiagnosed autoimmune/inflammatory thing - my bloods are normal but I have small fiber neuropathy which causes pain everywhere and usually goes with an autoimmune. I don't want surgery as of now but I do want a doctor who can inject the right spot, be it a pain doc or an ent or whoever Any ideas? Thanks!.

Have you been checked for Fibromyalgia?


Thanks for replying Judy. Fibromyalgia seems to be many different illnesses under one catchphrase - they have recently done a study in which it showed that many people diagnosed with fibromyalgia actually had small fiber neuropathy, so yes, I have many symptoms of fibromyalgia but I have sfn. Have not been able to tolerate the treatments, lyrica, Neurontin etc, and have responded to steroids but have bad reactions to them.

Thank you April.....I will look up SFN.