Does anyone suffer with extreme pain after eating?

I just recently got diagnosed, i live in Puerto Rico and I have to get surgery, and no surgeons here to make it happen. I was told by my doctor that they would fly one in to do the surgery. Im confused, this is all new to me, never heard of this syndrome. My immediate fear is when I eat, i feel this unbearable pain in my ear, jaw and right side in my head, it last a peak 15 minuts long and then lowers in intencedy. Soes any one else fo through this? What do you do for it! Im diabetic so I have to eat, ive been without eating for 10 days, and more, a drink ensure for diabetics because i just cant go through the pain anymore. But I have to do something. If anyone has any suggestions please help me. Thank u!

My son also has facial and jaw pain. The pain gets worse after eating. After meal he has to get a hot shower to get some relieve.

I was told that happenes when your nerve is being pushed apond, or the inflamatory in Glands, but its reallybad, I feel im going to pass out!

I had trouble with a sub-mandibular salivary gland before I was diagnosed with ES, and I used to get really sharp pain after eating, but it was just in that area.

Yes left side since 2009 I am currently suffering talking eating and drinking feels like lighting bolts and your ear is. Going to explode

Heating pad and naproxin