Dr. Daniel Nuss , Baton Rouge La, Skull Base

A new doctor for us to consider. If you live in Ms or Arkansas or anywhere closer than any other skull base doctor that you can find.

Dr Daniel Nuss, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center , Baton Rouge, La. He went to LSU med school, trained for 2 years in PA.
Many years as a skull base physician Head of His Department. Just operated on Emma Sept 5, 2018. I am 8 days into recovery and doing well. Great doctor.

Bio https://marybird.org/doctor/nuss/

In speaking to him I found out that he is friends with Dr Cognetti. He told me he just came from Thomas Jefferson Hospital as a guest speaker in August, which led me to ask if he knew Dr. Cognetti. I asked if he would allow me to post his name and he said that he wants to help those who need help.
You may need a doctor referral. . I already was diagnosed for years but I went to an ENT In Baton Rouge for something else and brought my eagles information. She referred me, so if you have a diagnosis, but still need a referral and can’t get one from your doctor, bring your information to an ENT in Baton Rouge who would be affiliated or have hospital rights at Our Lady of the Lake Regional Center. Bring any information you have about your eagles,and ask to be referred to Dr. Daniel Nuss. Just so you know, If you are referred to anyone else, make sure that surgeon has skull base experience. Some of them are experienced with microvascular surgery and they are not the same specialty. My experience with a microvascular surgeon in that department was that I should have asked to be referred to a skull base doctor 5 years ago, but I did not know then what I know now. I think there may be one other skull base surgeon under Dr. Nuss working in that department under Dr Nuss. For external surgery, always look for skull base experienced head and neck surgeon. This area of the neck is their specialty. Good luck fellow southerners in Louisiana and Mississippi and all surrounding areas.

Thank you so much for all your info. I will definitely look into that possibility as well. I am seeing my neuro here in Norman next Tuesday again for my cervical spine issues and will ask him about the skull base stuff - see what he knows. He and I previously agreed that I should address the Eagle first but since that appears to be a ways down the road, lets just see what else I’m up against!!! Woohoo! I hope you are doing as well as you sound - very positive and upbeat.

Thanks for the info Emma!

Good luck with the cervical spine issues. I had
both as well.Cervical done in March.

So glad to read your great report, Emma & glad you’re doing well as I recall you have some issues w/ post op recovery.


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