Dr. Hackman revision surgery

I am scheduled for my surgery with Hackman on March 13th. Very excited and also very nervous! He is going to try and get the piece that is floating from my last surgery, get closer to my skull base, and also get the right side done at the same time. I’m hopeful this will help get me to a better spot. My head pressure, neck pain and brain fog have been killing me!

Any tips on what I should be expecting from Hackman’s surgery? I have read on this site around blinking issues, facial droop, and a few other similar issues that seem to have lasted a few months. Any others I should be expecting?


I think I mentioned on FB, but be ready for longer healing times due to those incisions in the tragus area. Mine started only now to feel more OKish (almost 3 months since the surgery). Before they were sort of… Partially numb. Actually it was like a weird feeling when you can feel it, but it’s like not your part of the body but some attachment.

I still have quite some lumps under the neck incision, esp on the revision side, but now they are getting softer (or maybe it’s just my perception).

Saying that, I possibly may have other connective tissue problems, so my healing timeline is not necessarily a perfect example.


I hope that your surgery goes well & that it’ll be successful for you this time. Have made a note of the date :pray:


I’m one month post op and I still have a lot of swelling. I don’t have alot of pain but I do have some that comes and goes, depending on my stress level. My eyes are still a little funky and can’t close my right eye yet. My black eye is getting better. My face is still temporarily partially paralyzed. It’s getting better slowly. I’ve unfortunately been overdoing it recently and that sets me back a few days each time. I had a bilateral and each side takes turns being more swollen lol. Under my chin and around my jaw are still numb and my face is tender to the touch, but not too bad. My friend called in a Medrol Dosepak for me for the swelling with a refill so I’m going to start that tomorrow.

The great think about Dr. Hackman is that he uses nerve monitoring during surgery. I also think the recovery is longer and there’s more swelling due to the extra incision in front of the ear so he can get to the skull base. He’s really fantastic.


Thank you for this great update, @Danielle1! I’m so glad your pain level is low though I know the swelling can be annoying & painful on its own. I think you’re right on target about one of the reasons for extra swelling - the extra incision. I’m so glad you can endorse his work whole heartedly. That is very encouraging!!

I hope the steroids help the swelling go down quickly & noticeably!


Thank you for your notes. I am very nervous about the not being able to close my eyes thing. It is just part of the price we pay to feel better though! I’m just wanting to feel better soon! How do you feel?

Do you work? And if so, have you been able to get back to work since your surgery? I am really hoping to get back to my job after two weeks because I only am on a computer working from home.


The eye thing (my right eye) is definitely annoying. It was tearing non stop today and now it’s dry and needs drops. I have alot of swelling today as well as some pain on the left side under my incision. I also walked about 4 miles today. Everytime I’m feeling good I end up doing more and then taking a step back from overdoing it. However, the swelling has gone down alot. Still much more to go. I’m only 1 month post op.

The eye thing is super annoying. I can’t wear makeup and looking at the computer makes it tear. I work from home and went back to work by the second week but didn’t fill up my calendar. This past week (4th week) was the first week I was back full force. By the end of the day I need to lay down.

Also, I think the thickness and angle of the styloids make a difference in the healing. Mine were pretty thick and angled inward (pic below).



I totally agree w/ your healing assessment @Danielle1. I’d keep those walks at 2 miles for now & see how your body handles that. There is a price to pay for overdoing during the early part of recovery. Our bodies are masterful at telling us when we’re overdoing or have overdone. We just have to pay attention.

You will feel much more like yourself - energy level returns, swelling is way down more permanently, by month 2 post op & going forward from there. :hugs: