Dr. Magnuson

Has anyone had surgery with dr Magnuson in Orlando FL?

If his name is on the Doctors’ List from this site then he did someone’s surgery who is/was on this site. It may have been a long time ago & it’s possible that person is no longer active. Hopefully, though, you’ll get an answer.

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I had the surgery with Dr. Magnuson. I may be the only one in this site, but he told me that he had done many of the surgeries. Is there anything specific you’d like to know? :smiley:

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Thank you for responding. My mom is meeting with him on Tuesday. She just wanted to make sure he has done this surgery before. How long was your recovery? Did they do it internally or externally? We’re you limited to anything? Did you sleep over night at the hospital? Sorry so many questions lol
My mom has her tonsils out but she feels like something is sticking through her throat but I’ve checked multiple times and I can’t see anything

Perhaps if your Mum tried to feel the sides of her throat she may be able to detect something. I can feel my calcified ligament poking in the side of my throat to the side of the back of my tongue. When one of my consultants looked he couldn’t see it, I had to demonstrate to him exactly where it was. He was then able to feel it for himself.

How long did you stay in the hospital? Did you take the tube home or did they take it out?

Hi Annadee! I don’t mind answering the questions at all. I stayed in the hospital one night. Not everyone has to stay overnight though. The surgery was done internally and robotically. I did not have a tube after the surgery. My styloid was compressing my internal carotid artery and my ligament was calcified. I could feel it in the back of my throat. He said the surgery went very well. I was quite sore the first week and it took some time to be able to chew and swallow normally. I had a problem opening my jaw post op due to scar tissue forming which he said is uncommon. It is pretty much back to normal now. The neck pain was gone the moment I woke up from surgery which was amazing! I hope this helps!

Glad you’re doing well, pinkeagle! :grin:

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Thank you. What did you eat after surgery? My mom is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday with magnuson. She’s worried about the tube. We live 2 hours from the hospital so she will stay the night. If you have any tips please let me know. Thank you :heart:

I’m so glad to hear she’s getting the surgery so quickly! I would highly recommend having jello on hand to eat and also for taking pills. The nurse I had gave me this tip and it was so helpful. If you put the pills in the jello it is much easier to swallow them. I also had a lot of smoothies. She will likely then transition to pudding, mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs and ice cream. Salt water rinses are helpful for healing and once she transitions off of the pain pills you can find LIQUID Tylenol at CVS or Walgreens. I used that for awhile so I didn’t have to swallow anymore pills. I’ll be praying for her and let me know if you have any questions.

Thanks Jules! I still cannot open my jaw as wide as I used to, but it’s manageable! :smiley:

There’s lots of info in the Newbies Guide section about what to expect after surgery, & you can search the past discussions too. One of our members did a ‘surgery shopping list’ to help get organised, here’s a link:

Hope it goes well for your Mum, I’ll be praying for her! :heart:

Thank you all so much!!! We will be heading to Orlando tomorrow and my moms surgery is Wednesday morning. Thank you for all your help. We’re getting a little nervous but we are praying for a fast pain free healthy recovery. Thank you again

I will be praying for you both, too, for safe travels, a text book surgery & quick recovery.

Hello all. We are 3 days post surgery and my mom is more swollen today then any other day. She’s opted out for the feeding tube so they made her try different foods before we left the hospital. She’s been using ice packs and has a ringing in her ear. Any tips that made you feel better?

I saw her stitches and where they went in and it’s crazy how good it looks already. Her bone was 3/4 of an in long they said it was really pressing on her muscle and her throat

Ice packs are good, & ice lollies/ popsicles, ice cream
as well. Keep semi-upright as much as possible, so get Mum lots of pillows or get comfy in a recliner if possible as laying down will make the swelling worse. I think that a lot of people find days 3-4 the worst, so hopefully she’ll be feeling better soon. And soft foods/ smoothies to ease eating.
Hope she feels better soon, hugs to her! :hugs: :bouquet:

So glad your mom’s surgery is done & the incision looks good to you. As Jules said, she’s currently in the days when her post op swelling will be the worst. Things should start to improve after day 5. It is important for her to walk a little each day as that will promote blood circulation in her legs & body overall which will help healing. If you can take her for three 5-10 min walks each day, even if it’s just in your yard, that would be very good for her. Staying hydrated is also very important. We worry about eating enough when we can’t eat normally, but drinking enough is even more important. Some of her fluids should be water but herb teas, broth-based soups, fruit & veggie juices, etc., will be helpful with that.
She will begin to feel better toward the end of the first week post op & even more so by the second week. It will take a couple of months for her to feel really back up to speed though.
Sending more hugs & smiles your way. :blush: