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Hi Jules and Isaiah,

I just ran across a story of a teen who had eagle syndrome but lived with pain and was undiagnosed until I think it was 2017. Not sure how he met up with Dr Mohamad Khaled now, But he encountered him when Dr Khaled was at Baystate. He has apparently moved on to Hartford, and I was doing some reading about him as a neurosurgeon. Even though Hartford does not get the best reviews, I was wondering if you have heard of this doctor or if you have any thoughts regarding him? This young man was successfully treated by him, like I said I believe it was 2017, and was free of pain after many many years of having pain from Eagle Syndrome. Dr Khaled is the first doctor to suggest to him that he knew what was going on and could help him and he did.

I have sent my CD images and reports up to Dr Constantino. They should have arrived this past Monday, and I am still waiting to hear back if my virtual consultation will be moved up from February 8th. I was told by Shantel that once they got the images she thought she could move up the appointment. Going to give them one more day and then shoot her an email to see what’s up, as I have had a hard day today with “uneasiness” in my head, I have not been able to concentrate or do anything because it’s just so hard to think straight.

Look forward to hearing what you or any other members of the Forum have to say. Also, if this doctor still treats Eagles syndrome, what are your thoughts about the Medical Center nter not getting that great of reviews and anything else she might think to comment on?

Should any of us be nervous So many of these doctors stop treating patients or stop doing the surgery? Curious about that…

Dr. Khaled is on our Doctors List & our member @Tommyh had his surgery with him. He has recently posted that he’s still having some trouble w/ dizziness post op & is going to start vestibular therapy. Dr. Khaled is still doing ES surgery, but we have no information as to whether or not he deals w/ VES.

All doctors have cases that don’t fully resolve symptoms even when the surgery is done well. That has to do w/ the fact we’re each designed a bit differently & have unique physical reactions to the stresses of the illness & the surgery to help resolve symptoms. Then there is the fact that some of us heal more slowly than others. There are also cases where obscure (& sadly, sometimes obvious) things are missed & so not all problems resolve.

Most of the doctors who’ve stopped doing ES surgery have superiors who have made that decision on their behalves or they’ve retired & a few have died. Since these doctors are often cancer specialists, & there are many more patients w/ cancer than ES, they’re requested to more completely focus on the cancer patients. Sadly that leaves ES patients with less qualified doctors to help them. Honestly, we haven’t had very many doctors from our Doctors List stop doing ES surgery. There have only been a few.

Good idea to email Shantel if you hear nothing tomorrow & follow the email up with a phone call if you don’t get a timely response. I know these “super specialists” are busy but their office staffs need to make good on their timing when they promise to reply by a specific date. If they don’t have an answer at the appointed time, they could at least let the patients know that.

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I saw him. He is now with Hartford Healthcare, not Baystate and at the time (a year ago) had done 4 surgeries. I was not impressed. Very minimal experience with ES and only qualified you with ES if you had elongated styloids. I found him to be very arrogant and inexperienced.

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Thank you, @Barrootz, for the information.

I was wondering if you could tell me how to update a 5 minute video from my chiropractor that I recorded on my cell phone to that site bssny.com? It is too large to email from my phone because I tried that and it didn’t work unless I I guess go through OneDrive. This video shows both styloids very clearly - I didn’t remember that I even had it.

How are you doing since your surgery? Is everything still doing well for you? Are you having any symptoms at all since the surgery?

Hope you get totally well very soon!

You may find it easier just to do a couple of screenshots that show the styloids and upload those to bssny.com, or email them.


Hi Barootz,

I know how to upload to the BSSNY.com site, but do you know how to view the files that they put in there? I can’t find from their site how to do that?

Thanks for any help you can give