Dr Ryan Osborne in Los Angeles

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Is anyone familiar with Dr Ryan Osborne in LA? Anyone have their styloidectomy performed by him? I am so desperate and would appreciate any feedback thank you🙏🏼

He’s been mentioned a couple of times in discussions, here’s a link to one:
Bilateral calcified stylohyoid ligament - Support - Living with Eagle
Here’s a link to the YouTube video of one of our members who had surgery with Dr Osbourne:
(557) Eagle Syndrome Surgery / Styloidectomy Treatment for U.S Navy Veteran Suffering With Extreme Pain - YouTube
Hopefully someone else will chip in…

Thanks so much Jules, my CTV/MRA/MRV report by the radiologist doesn’t report that there is any compression by my Styloid AKA Vascular ES.Neurosurgeons and Vascular surgeons I’ve seen do not agree with the diagnosis. In addition none of the ENT’s on this forum willing to operate can seem to tell me whether my styloid is elongated or calcified and whether they are going to remove the Stylohyoid Ligament or remove the Styloid bone as these are in fact 2 different anatomical structures. What were your symptoms before surgery? We’re they relieve before surgery? The first person to even mention my styloid was a doctor in Florida named Ross Hauser who specializes in Prolotherapy. I’m so desperate and have so many symptoms and my quality of life has been reduced to almost nothing. Thank you for being here for us.:pray:t3:

Daniel - I also went to see Dr. Hauser after a long period of miserable symptoms and seeing my life crumble in front of me. I do have cervical instability, but he also found my major issues with the styloids & I just had my surgery 10 days ago. I did have a FaceTime consult with Dr. Osborne in LA, and he seemed to be VERY good and quite knowledgeable. I ended up pursuing a different option because he does not take insurance (which means full price for surgery, anesthesia, plus travel & lodging) & traveling to LA from the east coast while not being able to fly was prohibitive.

I ended up having my surgery done by Dr. Hackman at UNC. Overall it was a good experience - having some post-op issues but so far they all seem like they will subside in time & the doctor was pleased with by 8-day follow up appointment.

I would suggest reaching out to Dr. Osborne to set up a consult & see if you like that option - he was very honest and is world renowned, which is encouraging, though there are some. There is a list of US doctors familiar with ES on this forum, and there are a lot of people willing to answer questions.

Best of luck!

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Difficult if you can’t get an agreement on your diagnosis…Yes, the styloid & ligament are two different structures, but if the ligament calcifies it can merge into one, sometimes you can’t know which it is until surgery, & as long as anyone who does surgery will shorten the styloid & remove any calcified ligament then it doesn’t matter.
I had Intracranial Hypertension symptoms as both my IJV were compressed- dizziness, constant off balance feeling, head & ear pressure, headaches, brain fog, & some very scary weird symptoms which are hard to describe…as well as atypical TN, jaw & ear pain, pain turning head. After surgery the vascular symptoms reduced alot, I still get a bit of the TN pain, but it’s less than it was & I don’t get the tingling & numbness in my cheek I was getting just before surgery. It’s worked well for me, I’ve been very lucky.

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