Dry mouth

Anyone have issue with dry mouth? I wake up in morning, with desert dry mouth.
Biotene helps some but still doesn’t last very long.

I have for the last 3 weeks. I thought it might be the aftermath of having surgery (anesthesia), but after 3 weeks, I have to wonder if it is the ES. I wake up with the rear part of my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth. I have noticed more symptoms of ES in the last month as well, so perhaps the bony growths are extending further.

Tongue stuck to top of mouth.:)) Like sticking your tongue to ice cube and stays stuck. Glad to know I am not alone!!!

I have had that symptom too for a looong time

Me!! OMG, I feel very self concious because dry maouth tends to give you "funny" breath. I carry gum and Listerine with me all the time, but it gets even dryer. I also get the feeling of "blilsters" in my tongue and the base. So bad I though I had some type of tong malignancy before being diagnosed with ES. This is really a pain!

Anyone seen the cartoon movie Rango? When Rango’s mouth cracks cause its so dry, that what it feels like.:))

Hello Amy, Eagle Rose and Mayela

Just wanted to follow up on the topic. I have been sleeping propped up on pillows (like when you are reading in bed) for the last week and I have noticed that the drymouth is mostly gone and my tongue no longer sticks to the roof of my mouth.

I started sleeping reclined versus flat (first in a Lazy Boy recliner, then propped up in bed) because the sleep apnea was getting pretty bad, so much so that my wife was worried I would suffocate. It was like my tongue had lost all muscle memory and just became floppy to the point of plugging my throat.

Funny thing is that it started immediately following my hernia surgery. After coming out of the anesthesia, the pulse/ox monitor would be going off every time I tried to get a bit more sleep.

My doctor should be getting the results of my 3D CT scan (with contrast) this week, so hopefully I'll know if one of the tongue muscles or nerves is compromised.

In the meantime, I'm working on the perfect pillow combination (perhaps a foam wedge) for sleeping on a greater than 45 degree angle. If I remember correctly, there are other members who also sleep on an angle. I will also investigate devices for sleep apnea treatment.

Redpill, I did have that same thing going on...apnea and really dry mouth (gone now with other improvements). The large foam wedge at Bed,Bath& Beyond was great. The incline helped, and the wedge worked....I could add pillows on top or put folded blankets or towels underneath if I needed more angle. You just won't really be able to sleep on your side very easily with the foam thing.

Thanks Tee,

I'll check them out. I haven't slept on my side in over 2 years and probably won't until I resolve the ES and/or SCS (Stylohyoid Complex Syndrome).

I'm new to this board but I've been told that I "likely" have ES (just starting to set more appointments with specialists) but one of my problems has been a dry mouth throughout the day and waking up almost choking at night with a dry mouth.

I've had lots of trouble with dry mouth and sore/ burning tongue- not sure if it's the Eagles, or had wondered if it was perhaps the start of Sjogren's Syndrome- they have a Ben's Friends page too- as I have dry sore eyes too, but both mouth and eye are worse on left side, which is the worst Eagles side- in fact everything I have aches and pains is worse on that side!! I had a swollen sub-mandibular gland which is what originally I went for tests for, and then they found I had Eagles.

If the dry mouth is a big problem it might be worth looking at the SS page, as members have posted things which can help with it.