Duckie's Images!

Hello all! I finally went and got copies of my images. I get two things from this image: 1. My styloid bones are way too long, as are the lesser horns of the Hyoid Bone; and 2, they are not angled in which would be consistent with my lack of artery/vein compression symptoms.

What are your impressions of the image? Is the structure “below” the Hyoid Bone the C1 or C2 vertebra?

Hi Duckie!

I’ve got to say that’s the most interesting 3D rendering of a CT scan I’ve seen on here. In my opinion, your styloids are very long but your hyoid bone looks fine to me. I’m not sure whether the styloids are pictured at their natural angle as I’ve never seen styloids that point straight down like that. It almost seems the styloid image & hyoid image are 2 separate pictures put onto one slide. Your C-1 vertebra would be up at the top of the styloids if it’s pictured. It’s hard to tell if the bony mass at the top of the styloids is partially C-1 & partially skull base. The hyoid is adjacent to C-4 but in your picture, again it’s hard to tell because the bones aren’t well defined.

Do you have any other pictures you can post? The image below gives an example of what would be more helpful to see though that one is labeled & yours won’t be:

I have the CD that is showing 3D and I can manipulate the image. I can say that I only did the one scan so I am not sure if they could be two different images pasted together. Is it just me or does my hyoid bone look way to close to my vertebra?



Certainly weird imaging! I agree the styloids look mighty long, and worth asking whoever you see about the hyoid bone too…

@Duckie - Your styloids ARE very long & you have fairly significant calcification of the stylohyoid ligament extending up from the lesser horns of your hyoid. I also observed that your hyoid is tilted so it’s higher on the left than the right. It should be level. This could be a function of the calcified ligaments/styloid elongation & that it’s not pulling equally so has caused the hyoid to be off balance. As Jules said, best to talk to whomever you do your consult with to get a medical opinion.

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Hello! An update, I have been learning to read the CT scan images and went through the scan slices from ear to ear, not sure what you call it or that make sense. Anyways, I have verified that my styloids do in fact go almost straight down and then there is a sharp angle at which point you start seeing the ossified ligaments and lesser horns of the Hyoid bone. It has been pretty neat learning to read the scans and figuring out what all those fuzzy images are.

Also, I went back and re-read the radiologist’s report and it mentions elongated spinal bones. So that would account for the two boney projections at the bottom of my scan.

April is almost over, May will go quickly, and then June. Yay June. I have been reading so many case studies and personal accounts and I think I have more questions now than before.

I hope you are all are as well as can be.


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Good job being proactive on your own behalf, @Duckie!! It’s always great to learn new things!! YES! June will be here soon - Great optimistic way to look forward to your appointment!